I am in my 8th year with SBS & chronically ill or in icu or Hospital, more times I can remember, to such an effect that I got ICU Psychosis with my insident 2 months ago. It puts a massive amount of strain on our marriage & relationship with each other. I become so impatient & horrible because of pain, loss of my body, loss of active life as before, PTSD etc. I feel like a burden to him & my kids. He is 62 & I am 59. Was also in Hospital on 14/10 my birthday in hospital. Nothing nothing is the way before SBS came along. Without God and His unconditional love & protection, I would have not been here today. So yes, I am in desperate need for advice for my hubby/care taker. We love each other unconditionally, however .......... need help!! #Caretaker #caretakerhusband #SBS #chronicallyill #Support #adviceforspouse