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    My view right now

    <p>My view right now</p>
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    Emotional flashbacks are worst case scenarios

    #emotionalflashback #PTSD #CPTSD #catastrophizing Had a bad day today, went and talked to a good friend/mentor, and she said something I realized afterwards might help others here. She said that my fears of being abandoned, and left to deal with things all by myself is the worst case scenario. Realizing that she's right has helped me realize it is less something that is happening, or is likely to happen, and more just my mind spewing worst case scenarios, and worst fears.

    Or, in other words, as I just realized a few minutes ago, it was my brain catastrophizing. (Again. I used to be a master at it. 😂. It'sbeen a long time since I've done it though.)

    On a side note, she also pointed out to me that even if my worst fears come true, and I wind up dealing with everything on my own, I have the ability to successfully do so, and a long track record of pulling myself through things, and digging myself out of deep holes. Mistly because I insist on continuing to look for that next thing to help, and taking the actions to make them happen. No matter how tempting giving up can be in the short term. 😁 ... and this is why I keep going back to her. Even when my faith in everyone else is shot.

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    How do I stop???

    Has anyone managed to find a good way to get your brain to stop making scenarios of how things could happen??? #Anxiety #catastrophizing

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    Rename Pain Catastrophizing

    I saw this website about a project to rename the term “pain catastrophizing.” I never liked that term because catastrophizing is akin to exaggerating, embellishing, dramatizing, and plain old just making stuff up (AKA lying). I know how bad my pain can get and I am not exaggerating it.

    Rename Pain Catastrophizing

    #PainCatastrophizing #catastrophizing

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    Workplace Anxiety

    There is a lot going on at work. Behind closed doors. People getting laid off or leg go. The economy isn’t that great. They’ve put a hold on expenses.

    I have horrible workplace anxiety and I constantly feel people are plotting to get rid of me. Ha! Silly, right? But this is how I feel - ALL. THE. TIME.

    I’m hoping to discuss this with my therapist today. I have workplace PTSD and I know that sounds silly to have PTSD about work. It’s not like I’m a first responder or a surgeon; I work in an office - in Marketing.

    I need to find a way to turn that shit off. I’m trying CBT but I’m just starting it (Mind Over Mood). I hope it can help me realize that there is no sense in worrying about things to the point of panic - things that are out of my control. I need to stop #Speculating and #overthinking and #catastrophizing .