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    How to stop jumping to a conclusion without proper evidence :( #Advice

    So I’ve been talking to this new guy, and I think I like him. But yesterday we were talking and he randomly stopped responding for 2 hours. Ofc I start spiraling and wanted to hurt myself. Although I tried to talk myself down to “maybe he’s busy”, but my brain couldn’t register that at all. So I ended up taking sleeping meds while also spamming him asking why does he hate me. I took the sleeping meds so I wouldn’t further catastrophize and do something more risky… 2 hours later her texted me saying he took a nap. Mighty friends, how do you deal with this? How do you stop your mind from thinking the absolute worst and reacting to it? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #catastrophize #Anxiety #BlackandwhiteThinking #Depression #PTSD

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    Rename Pain Catastrophizing

    I saw this website about a project to rename the term “pain catastrophizing.” I never liked that term because catastrophizing is akin to exaggerating, embellishing, dramatizing, and plain old just making stuff up (AKA lying). I know how bad my pain can get and I am not exaggerating it.

    Rename Pain Catastrophizing

    #PainCatastrophizing #catastrophizing

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    Catastrophizing thoughts #catastrophize #Anxiety

    Hello Mighty Commumity!

    Anyone else find themselves fretting over what they believe other people think of them? For example, if a friend doesn't message me back and I know they have been online, I automatically assume they are upset at me for some reason. Then I come up with possible reasons why they are upset at me (which really makes no sense at all). Then I will play out different scenarios in my head as to why they are upset at me and how I need to fix it/defend myself. I also take it personally when someone is feeling a bit off/flat. I can sense when people aren't feeling to great and, again, assume I am the reason.

    I definitely have a bad case of catastrophizing! 🙄

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    Does anyone else #catastrophize ? I tend to #Overthink and catastrophize everything.

    I saw a meeting request in my bosses calendar that immediately sent me to the bathroom with a bad tummy. They want to discuss merging the Marketing Coordinator roles - of which I'm one.  We've recently merged with another marketing team in the same company.

    The meeting was scheduled for last week but has now been scheduled for this coming week so ya; great long weekend for me worrying about work...

    I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say, all I can think about is losing my job, being out of work so long that we will have to sell our house, having to move in with my parents, losing everything...UGH.

    I'm trying not to think about it but alas....
    #Anxiety sucks #Stress #Depression

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    I saw a meeting request in my bosses calendar last week to discuss the possibility of overlapping marketing coordinator roles. I am a marketing coordinator.  As soon as I saw it my mind started to race...

    Our department merged with another marketing department about two weeks ago and there are two marketing coordinators - myself and another woman.

    My boss, the manager of the other team, and their boss (the VP of marketing) are going to meet to discuss if the two roles can be merged. My first thought was; I'm going to be laid off because they won't need me anymore.i was sick worrying about it - literally. In the bathroom freaking out.

    The other woman is pregnant and will be away on mat leave for a year so I don't know if they're going to discuss passing on her work to me which will such because I'm already bringing work home with me or they're going to discuss merging the roles and getting rid of one of us. But she's going on mat leave so I don't know what they're going to be talking about. Is there enough work to hire a temp for that time period or will they give her work me or get rid of me and give all the work to someone else???? I don't know! I don't know what she does so I have no idea what her workload is like. I know mine is heavy.

    Anyway I'm trying not to thing about it and ruin my weekend but I tend to #Overthink everything and #catastrophize so I'm thinking of all the worst possible scenarios.

    #Anxiety sucks. Work and finances are my two biggest #AnxietyTriggers and both are top of mind lately and causing me great #Stress. I find it nearly impossible to turn my mind off...

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