I'm crying as I type this. I could dismiss these tears as being due to my period or I can acknowledge and echo calls asking more to acknowledge that this has been a tough time for black people in a number of countries.

Mentally and physically one battle after another. And we just lost a figure that stood for an entire kingdom of black majesty. Majesty we only dreamt of. And that loss is not okay and it's okay for it to be not okay.

So to anyone feeling teary or just 'off' and trying to rationalise it: don't. Emote and please be compassionate.

And to anyone with a chronic or terminal or debilitating condition who is already doing incredibly by just fighting each day to exist and is being made to feel guilt or shamed by what Boseman achieved while diagnosed: Your battle is completely personal, unique and worthy. Compassion please 🌻

Rest in majesty Eternal King, Chadwick Boseman.

Wakanda forever x

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