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A hundred thousand You’s

When you feel overwhelmed, anxious, down or uncomfortable , think about a big city, the ocean, and all of the people, places and interactions you’ve ever had. Every single one of those has created a #Sorrynotsorry version of you that is REAL. Just as real as the version of you that is in pain. You exist a hundred thousand times, in just as many different forms, so be the one you like best, and allow this thought to humble you. We are all stardust. #Stayhumble #Weareallstardust #LoveYouMore #choosekindness #DysphoricMania #DissociationDisorders #PTSD #BipolarDisorder

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Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal is my go to artist for when I'm feeling bad. You may remember her from winning America's Got Talent Season 11. She is only 14, getting ready to turn 15 in January, but she gets it. She truly gets it when it comes to advocating for mental health awareness, or needing a positive thought. Even though she is so young, she has a very old soul and it shows in her music. Her family keeps her grounded and she is very humble. She has an EP and a CD out, but you can find all of her music on you tube. Her you tube channel is Oh Never Mind Its Just Me, and that title alone speaks volumes. She attracts a very wide audience of all ages from little kids to adults way past retirement age and those inbetween. #miraclesdohappen #gracevanderwaal #choosekindness

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