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how much does a act of kindness affect you? #CheckInWithMe

How do you feel when someone show you a small act of kindness?
or when you do something kind for a stranger or a friend neighbours? do you feel good!!! or do you just smile and carry on your day not thinking of what you did ?
#Life #MentalHealth #Loneliness #52SmallThings #ChronicIllness #SuicidalThoughts #Loneliness #bekindalways #Arthritis

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This says it all #bekindalways #invisabledisabilities

I wish more people would stop and think before they act. Words hurt and you can’t take them back once they’ve been said. You might be able to apologize but it doesn’t fully heal the wound you caused.

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For the Warriors 💛

Here’s a reminder that we all are warriors in different ways. We all have struggles no one else knows about. We all have obstacles we face every single day. Be kind. Be encouraging. Show someone else they matter.
Just because you can’t see someone else’s scars, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. To the young woman struggling to love herself. To the mother who feels depressed and judged.
To the young girl and boy comparing and struggling to accept herself. Believe me, your a warrior. To the men and woman who struggle with mental illness. The men and woman who struggle with physical illness. You kick ass! Never defend yourself to others, the ones who matter don’t need an explanation..they love you no matter what ❤️
Your absolutely beautiful inside and out, and you derserve to feel love and encouragement. You deserve to be happy❤️

#MentalHealth #warriors #bekindalways #ChronicIllness