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My mother kicked me in the head when I was 9. My Stepmom abused me until I left at 18. I went to a secondary school full of Narcisstic girls. My care ordinator first one wanted to get me traumatised so she kept on putting me in hospital until she felt like bringing the police in and putting me under section. After that I never got my flat. I had to move to another mental housing project where this Pakistani Muslim tried to murder me twice. She abused me daily for 2 years prior.

I always ended up meeting the nastiest of woman throughout my life. I don't really like acknowledging any woman for that matter.


Psychiatrist appointment. #MentalHealthAdvocacy

How do I tell a psychiatrist that their care has failed me. She prescribed drugs that affect my CNS after I warned her, my physician warned her, the drug compendium warned her and my pharmacist warned her that her course of treatment has a serious interaction, an interaction that almost killed me three years ago. She assured me it was alright. Have you ever tried refusing a psychiatrists orders? Let’s say it doesn’t bode well for the patient. This interaction happened...again. How can I tell her my feelings without being labeled as manic, or oppositional? My degree is in neurPsych, #Notstupid #selfadvocacy #Serotoninsyndrome #ChronicallyFedUp #Chroniccareer #Psyciatristcausesanxiety

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Still Don't Know #SeekingDiagnosis

For me, by far the hardest part of chronic illness is that, although I am SWIMMING in diagnoses, I'm still seeking the genuine cause, the underlying "Alpha"-diagnosis, so to speak. I know it will probably be generations before medical science unravels some of our mysteries, but it's so frustrating how many different"lists of symptoms" for different conditions COULD be what I have! #SeekingDiagnosis #DoTheseTestsEVEREnd ? #chronicilness #ChronicPain #ChronicNausea #ChronicallyFedUp