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Trying to protect myself #Trauma #covert abuse

#TraumaSo my son is making his first communion next Saturday. I was hoping the pandemic would keep my ex-in-laws from attending. Nope! Found out today that we can bring up to eight people besides the parents.

The last time I saw them was when my ex-mother in law died in July. Before that it was September 2019, right before I was admitted to a psych unit for major depression- directly resulting from years of being told how terrible I am, inconsiderate. A terrible wife and mother. They never reached out to me to ask how I was doing.

My ex-husband was a narcissist, lots of gaslighting in our marriage. I had a good relationship with my in-laws before our separation. My in-laws expressed any interest that I was even still alive.

They are still my son’s family and I don’t want that to be awkward for him. I’m still angry and my father in law is a nasty controlling person.

I am dreading this . I’m angry (and feeling like a terrible Christian ) that I feel this way about a day that is blessed and joyful. Thanks for reading this entire message:)

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Anyone know a hypnotherapist who specializes in torture-based mind control? #covert -hypnosis, #Abuse , #mind -control, #cult -hypnosis

I have been in a continuum of victimization and without going into too much detail, I found evidence which proves that covert hypnosis was definitely a part of my victimization. I recently saw a Ph.D. who told me that he believes I may have been programmed, and I want to get some information about what that really means from someone other than him.