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Out of options

Has anyone ever faced the situation when your Rheumatologist looks at you and tells you "We are out options for treatment" I have never been in remission better "yes" but not totally symptom free. I have the most amazing medical team on my side they are all straight shooters nothing held back. In the beginning I told them all I don't want you to hold my hand and tell me it might get better I wanted honesty and the plain truth. So now my question is what's next their answer "We can treat the symptoms and make you comfortable but know you will never get the remission we all have hoped for." Now I cherish the good days and have learned to rest on the bad days not to push myself for anyone and laugh everyday. I have learned that acceptance can set you free I went several years of being mad at the world denying something was wrong and telling myself it will go away. It has not gone away I'm no longer mad at the world and have totally accepted my rare disease. Not really sure why I needed to post this particular post today but maybe it will help someone out there or it may be to help myself. #AdultOnsetStillsDisease #CreakyJoints #TheMighty  


Is my condition part of what makes me… me? #CheckInWithMe

I don't think my condition changes me at the core of me If anything it has added to who I am My disease has made me stronger has taught me to never give up how to deal with a whole new set of daily challenges and not to feel sorry for myself Yes I have bad days and challenging days but in the end tomorrow is a new day with a new set of challenges and I go on I refuse to let my disease take over my life I have had to modify my life but I refuse to let it consume my whole being and my whole life It helps that I have a wonderful family and a true best friend who gets what is going on a great team of doctors and sites like #TheMighty #CreakyJoints #StillsDisease Continue to move forward and don't look back.

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Does anyone with Fibromyalgia have creaky bones/joints?

Recently I find myself constantly cracking my bones to relieve stiffness. Especially in my neck both sides. I don’t have any specific pain when cracking which I think would suggest arthritis. Any ideas would be much appreciated. This only started the last month or so and I’ve had Fibromyalgia for 3 years. I’ve had a relapse and been off work the last 5 weeks so it could be linked to that. #Fibromyalgia #CreakyJoints