Hi, my name is BeautifulPain. I'm here because I have Neuromyeltis Optica (NMOSD) Family of Multiple Sclerosis & MOG, I was misdiagnosed so many times and for a long time with Fibromyalgia, for almost 8+/- years my Neurologist said, I have lesions behind my left eye on my brain, neck and spinal cord, It's a rare Disease its affects your whole nervous system & I am in Chronic Pain everyday (It drives me insane) affects my sight and my mobility, I have brain fogg & fatigue every day, I have flare ups and bad days and relapses that cause then new lesions but I cope I have to, I still work as a Hairstylist full time, and I have a 2 year old and a wife, would be great if we can create more awareness for Neuromyeltis Optica, I receive IV treatments and my chronic medication, anyone out there with Neuromyelitis Optica?

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