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    #ChronicPain and my dreams

    I started working out back in August. I love it. It’s fun to work out. It’s fun to see myself get stronger.

    I’m lucky. My chronic pain isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of others have it. I’m still able to lift weights and run. Most movements feel good or at the very least don’t feel worse.

    But I have a permanent injury in my left shoulder. So movements that involve my shoulder or pecs can cause flare ups.

    The pain is annoying. But the worse thing is that I don’t know if I’ll achieve my dreams. I want to get really good at weightlifting and be super fit. What if my body limits me?

    I know I’m lucky to even be able to work out with chronic pain. But I hate the idea that my body could limit me or stop me.

    #ChronicPain #painwarrior #CheckInWithMe

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    Bilateral knee swelling

    Do any of the bendybunch have swellings on both knees that are identical? I constantly twist and or sprain my knees ( and ankles) but just wondering if I am alone with this anomaly as my doctor is puzzled and rheumatology appointment and musculoskeletal appointment are still not forthcoming after 2 years. I am hyper mobile in most of my joints but hips knees and ankles are the worst. ( my visual artistic approach to explaining took over 🙈 🎨) #EDS #bendy #Swelling #knees #Pain #ChronicPain #painwarrior #autoimmune


    WHAT is insomnia?Im in a stage IV cancer.I rarely sleep more than three hours , in the quiet if the night that’s when my memories of when I used to hike the trails around Lake Tahoe, or when I could
    Work, meeting children that needed help and guidance, I wake up missing my old life. Usually it’s the pain at night in my bones that does nothing to allow for me sleep.
    My Doctor has my Insomnia listed as A Mental Disorder. Is it? Or is it a side effect of chronic pain from metestatic breast cancer? #painwarrior #MetastaticBreastCancer # #Insomniac #I need sleep 😴


    Why is it people can't except me for me??
    Why do they keep shoving positivity down my throat, I'm chronically ill and in pain daily, they say u aren't ur pain or ur illness.

    If I'm to negative, u may walk away, every one else has.

    I'm not gonna sugar coat, usually there isn't a good day in my life.

    My own mother called me a Horrible House because I fell asleep at her house one day.

    I've been called a Debbie Downer and Burden.

    People say well they can't experience what we go through well they can have compassion, care, love, ***NOW U ALL KNOW WHY I COME HERE SO MUCH.

    I don't need counsoling.

    I'm tired of people shoving God down my throat.

    I'm tired of people saying, well, if u had a little bit more Faith, if u loved God a little more, etc.


    U wanna come trade places

    People say well hope can't lie in people, maybe God sent people to be there for me just to listen being an ear to hear, like the mighty.

    I love coming here, but, not finding it very supportive.

    Lord, if people can't handle my bad days which r EVERY SINGLE DAY, then I definately don't want them here on my good days, which r rare.

    #no Shame
    #no Support


    I wish all of us with Chronic Pain had a cure for everything we go through.

    I'm 36yrs old, it takes me longer to do things, if I can do them at all, it is 1:40am in Kentucky (USA), got woken up with Chest pain, maybe broke a rib from coughing, Groin, Essential Tremors, u all r amazing to be so supportive going through ur all stuff.

    Everytime I love I moan and groan, the tremors wear me out, but, I'm so thankful, I have somewhere to come where people love, care and support me on a regular basis.

    It takes me at least 45mins to an hour to get ready for bed, then I may get 45mins to an hour of sleep, then I either just wake up with Tremors, or weak up with Tremors, either moaning, groaning, screaming in pain, almost, if not every night.

    I don't come here often, most times, I just try and handle it on my own, but, when u r just laying tremoring, u think everything is good, then,a,pain shoots through a random part of ur body, u thank God u were laying down, cause some of the pain doubles u over.

    I won't keep u all, thanks for listening

    #chronic Pain
    #chronic illness

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    No Sleep

    I'm counting the minutes till bedtime and praying for a few hours of 💤. # fibrolife #painwarrior #overdoneit #ChronicIllness #shakes

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    Second Day of Flare! #fibroflare

    So this is very unexpected flare. I've doing well for me or so I thought. This flare has hit me like a ten tonne truck. I feel exhausted from lack of sleep, my body feels like its on fire, pain levels are spiking and my stomach hates me! So not a good day. Yesterday was awful but I still got up, walked my dogs, sorted my children (one is an adult) out and did my job. Sometimes I just want to fully rest with no guilt. ##Mumguilt #FibroLife #painwarrior #tired #mybodyisonfire


    Uniquely Prepared for Self-Isolation & Social Distancing

    It's interesting that I feel a tiny bit of relief in a time like this. I've been practicing self-isolation and social distancing for years now due to chronic illness and chronic pain. That makes me uniquely prepared for an event like this. I'm experiencing so much pain and fatigue, and of course loneliness, but I know I got this. And that gives me a small sense of comfort. I'm not gonna freak out because this is not all new to me. There are always positives to take away from negative experiences. Even in such a grim times. You can find a way to cope.♡
    #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #painwarrior #Isolation #Homebound #SocialDistancing

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    Terrible at "pacing" myself

    It seems like no matter what I do I cant ever do little enough to not send my body into a major painic-as in can hardly breathe or think because Im in so much pain and it just wipes me out for days. This most recent 4 days in a row of horrible migraine and body pain just wont quit, no matter how much I rest and try to wait for my body to calm down to my regular hardly bearable level of pain.

    Im just so sick of not being able to participate in life, and if I do-paying for it for days and days. No medication, rest or other remedy even seems to touch the pain and going to the doctor seems useless as they dont seem to get it or do anything to help me.

    #Migraine #ChronicPain #ChronicMigraines #Bodypain #Fibro #painwarrior #Norelief


    Why I LOVE 💜The Mighty

    I blog about Mental Health on an up and coming platform daily. I started out with no direction in mind. I was just trying out this new app and decided this will be the moment that I finally start blogging. I began uploading whatever resignated with me and before I knew it one of the other bloggers pinned my blog as a Mental Health blog and from that moment on I began to get deeper with the knowledge that I was sharing. With the human brain being so complex there are many disorders and I do my best to educate others. Whether I get likes, comments or views I keep pushing information out there.

    A great writer, radio show host and blogger on the platform reached out to me and advised me that there was a website that supports Mental Health and that they might be looking for writer's "so check it out". For some time now I have been going through The Mighty website/App just reading and learning how to use it. I must say that she didn't tell me that The Mighty also supports people living with chronic illnesses. 😲 I instantly went from loving The Mighty to absolutely head over heals 👠. I am always advocating for mental health but also the mind and body connection because chronic illnesses and mental health go hand in hand.

    I suffer from 2 chronic illnesses and of course it messes with your mental health because it's connected to parts that aren't working so well. I can't stress the mind and body connection enough because medical doctor's act like medical school taught them that the body can operate right without a healthy functioning brain. 🙄 The mind and body connection is so deep that an unhealthy mind, stress and biological factors can cause chronic illness and in a person who so called doesn't have any mental health issues (I believe everyone suffers from something), chronic illness and injury to the body can trigger and or be the onset of mental health issues. Neither can function properly without each other.

    The Mighty is a great place for everyone I don't care what you have and I think that it is simply amazing. I know...I know... I'm late, The Mighty been around for some time now but I am just finding out not to long ago and I am excited about it. The Mighty has a great community of people and is a great resource for support and education on other conditions, disorders, disabilities, and chronic illnesses. Knowledge is power and so is a supportive site like The Mighty, powerful to say the least. Salute to The Mighty founder(s) and team. 💯💜 #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #TheMighty #Depression #Anxiety #Endometriosis #InterstitialCystitis #BipolarDepression #PTSD #painwarrior #SuicideAwareness #MindBodyConnection #PersonalityDisorders #chronicbadass #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder #Abuse #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #Cancer #DomesticViolence #ChildAbuse #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #SocialAnxiety