Finally got a proper adjusted wheelchair after months of trying to get it covered, I filled in the request at the beginning of octobre 2018. And I got an approval for an electric system on this wheelchair!! !

I'm so thankful I've been locked up In my own home for months, I can't believe that just a year and a half ago I was still going to school (half days)

All this positivity came in a really bad pain week, I had such pain I thought I had another #ovarian #cyst , litteraly crawling over the floor deciding if I needed to call 911..

Thankfully It's a lot better now and my wheelchair is amazing!

Can't wait till they place the electrical system on my wheelchair and I can leave the house on my own!

I think that's a fair request as an 22 yr old..

#HEDS #POTS #oh #ACNES #Gastroparesis and #Epilepsy are all bitches!