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My depression triggers

My 10 year old daughter has suicidal tendencies in the last three months she has made 5 attempts she has super ficial scars on both arms that she put there with a knife she is in a day hospital she also suffers from anxiety she was diagnosed with DMDD disruptive mood disregulation disorder I feel guilty wondering if she inherited these mental issues from me


Tourette's and PTSD under the same roof

I have PTSD from trauma. I don't do well with sudden movements, loud noise, and movements toward my face or neck. My son has developed Tourette's this year, age 5, and his motor + phonic tics involve random loud shouting, fast jerky movements, and randomly hitting. It has me on edge now, as I was taken off my anxiety med that worked well for 10 yrs in 2020, new FDA guidelines only use for 1 month. Like most PTSD suffers, my condition lasted more than a month. This is making the house a difficult place to be in. We already walked on egg shells with my 6 year old's DMDD. I've been distancing :(


I notice there are no posts to this group. I just recently learned what DMDD was and I’m convinced I had this as a child. My parents ignored it and I


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What to do what a 9 year old boy that refuses to get off the video games without a explosive tantrum ?


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I hear two very different versions of myself from people. Who do I believe? #LimbAmputation #BipolarDisorder  #RheumatoidArthritis  #Fibromyalgia

Lately there has been a lot going on in my life and most of it is not good. I lost my leg last year and almost died. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and DMDD, which causes him to be defiant and angry, sometimes even violent. He has caused lots of stress for me and my family. They want me to do what they say and they are angry with me if I take my own path. They say I am ungrateful, whiny, selfish and basically ruining their lives, but unfortunately I need them to help me with so much. The rest of the world tells l me I am strong, resilient, and inspiring. How do I know who to believe?