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Just found out after two years that I have Lyme Disease!

I was 15 when I had woke up one morning with severe pain all in my stomach and back. After a few days this pain just kept spreading and eventually got to pretty much every part of my body! To sum it up it’s easier to name what doesn’t hurt!! I had many other things like headaches, swelling, poor circulation, brain fog etc... I went to so many paediatricians, speacialist, my family doctor, naturopaths, iredologist, physiotherapy all after I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by the second paediatrician. I had a doctor tell me it was in my head, i had another one who was in her 60’s compare her back pain to my full body pain and other symptoms and actually believed it was the same thing, and I had doctors ignore my words just because they believed it was from my mental health issues! After I was diagnosed I did excercises, physio, took medication keep in mind i could barely move from the pain and stiffness!! I started going to naturopaths after a while because medical doctors just weren’t doing anything. I asked my family doctor to test me for lyme disease after naturopaths, friends, and family had all said it sounded like Lyme. So months went by after my family doctor said no to testing me and I finally decide to start looking for more naturopaths and my mom discovers a family friend of ours has a sister who’s a naturopath she set me up with another naturopath who speacializes in viruses which is what she thought it was! I finally started to get answers after going to her. I just yesterday found out I have Chronic Immune Supression, Lyme disease, and two co infections with the lyme disease! It has been such a frustrating journey but I am finally on the right path to getting better!!! #LymeDisease #PatientAndDoctorExperiences #doctorsdontlisten #DoctorsAreDickheads #doctorsdontlisten


Dumb Doctors #DoctorVisit #Doctors #DoctorsAreDickheads

Sitting in a doctors office crying yet again because a doctor I spent 5 minutes with thinks a lifestyle change is all I need. 😡😡😡