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    My dog Chewie photobombed my other dog Jerry😂

    I’m dying of laughter! I was trying to take a picture of my cute little Jerry napping on the couch..and just when I snapped the picture, Chewie decides he’s gonna be in it as well. What a great start on this beautiful Sunday morning 😊🙏 #CPTSD #doglover #peacefuljourney

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    #doglover #happy #Bringjoy #Alwayshere

    Hey everyone!

    I just thought as it’s Friday, we could do a #Furryfriday and post cute pictures of any pets or animals that make us #happy!

    I hope I see lots of #cute animals! My dog Scazzy makes me happy!

    I just want to say I am always here for everyone!



    One year later

    I remember the way your eyes glistened as you stared at me wagging your tail.
    You always cared for me when i never cared about myself.
    You loved me through my anger
    You loved me through my depression.
    You kissed my cuts to heal me.
    You loved me more than i ever loved myself.
    A year without you has gone by
    My heart wrenches in pain
    My eyes flow like rivers that are flooded.
    My brain has shut down since you departed my side.

    Putting you down;
    Seeing you leave me.
    Seeing you take your last breath.
    My heart is mangled and destroyed.

    1 year has gone by
    I'm changed.
    I've lost more than i could fathom.
    I lost you.
    I lost my little rodents.
    I lost friendships.
    I lost my will to survive.

    I may have lost a lot,
    But I've gained a lot.
    I've lost you but gained another dog i got to save.
    I lost friendships but i learned about their true selfs.
    I've gained respect for myself for fighting this 12 year war with myself and surviving this far.

    A year has gone by;
    And you will never be forgotten.

    #MightyPoets #Depression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth #oneyear #doglover