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Loki does not appreciate it when I have a lay in…

My kitten, Loki, is a very demanding little sir. Yesterday, despite suffering with very bad sciatica, I went over to my sister’s for the afternoon and early evening for dinner. I spent the whole time chasing and tickling my nephew, playing with him and his new toys, etc.

So, naturally, I had to take extra painkillers last night to actually finally get to sleep at around 2am. Which meant I woke up quite late this morning (around 10am). When I rolled over and tugged open my curtains, Loki was just sat there, staring into my soul. It was eerie. 😂

The second I managed to sit upright he legged it over to his food bowls (he has one always full of biscuits and then a few times a day he has wet food). But the way he practically SCREAMS his meows at me, you’d think I hadn’t fed him in weeks. My Loki, the Drama King and God of Mischief. 😂 I’m so glad I have him, though. He seriously cheers me up on days where smiling feels impossible. He’s a good boy, really. He gives me lots of cuddles when I need them.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not (but it probably is), but since my lower back has been painful for the last couple of weeks, when he crawls under the covers with me in bed, he lays behind me, curled up at my lower back. The heat from his not-so-little body eases the spasms there. 🥰

#ChronicPain #sciatica #BackPain #TherapyPets #Kitten #Cat #Loki #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #BPD #Diabetes #InterstitialCystitis #Migraines #Jointpain #Animals #cute

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Haven’t had kiwis 🥝 in so long!

I don’t have them often these were way too sour and not ready to eat yet 😅😅 my tastebuds are stinging by the sourness, but they look gorgeous that’s for sure.

Just love how unique they are, not sure if anyone else has noticed something small or big that they have liked in their day :) #Grattitude #fruit #random #cute

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my best friend

This is my dog Etna, I was reading and then she came cuddling onto me and I had to take a picture. I just want to take a moment and talk about how much she has helped me and been there for me. She is my best friend and my emotional support. #MightyPets #Depression #cute