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Mental Health Spectrum

Mental Health is on a spectrum. There are so many variables that affect our mental health that there can be no such thing as perfect mental health or a perfect mind. Therefore no one is perfect and everyone is IMperfect. So if your mental health has made you feel defective, broken, or alone, stop. Just like you, we all have imperfections. And just like everyone else, you have redeeming qualities, talents, insights, and positive effects on the lives of others. No one is truly alone, no matter their mental status. Stop judging yourself, so you can find your version of happy. #MentalHealth #EndTheStigma  #MentalIllness #Neurodiversity #nojudgement #Happiness

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It ok. #cowdens #ASD #Parenting #TraumaRecovery #Caregiving #Chat #nojudgement

It is ok to need help
It ok to need encouragement
It’s ok to need support
It’s ok to take short cuts
It’s ok to sometimes not be in the mood
Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to be e human


Autism Rant #Caregiver #Parent #ASD #speech challenge #frustrated #Irritated #triggeralert

I feel like I live in an alternate dimension reading about all these “surprise autism diagnoses “ as adults all these temple grandins who are business people in relationships acting etc.. let me tell you about my experience. My son is six. He uses a hone version of a soma bed because he has zero safety awareness. He sleeps naked cause he can’t deal with Pjs god only knows we try . He owes in his bed almost every night (usually in his balled up pjs after he takes them off) he speaks minimally . He frustrates painfully- he has so much inside him that he can’t get out. He can’t tolerate a toothbrush. He needs outrageous amounts of visual stimuli think two iPads at all times with competing YouTube clips. His behavior is challenging on a good day - forget a mask I can’t often get him to wear a seatbelt. So either I’m the worst mother ever, my kid is the sickest out there, no one is honest or autism is over diagnosed I’m so frustrated by tbe dilution of services for the I/dd population by kids in mainstream environments.
Apologies if I hurt someone feelings
#rant #nojudgement #trigger #ASD #specialed #I /dd


General meandering of a tired lady #Caregiver #abusesurvivor #CowdenSyndrome #ASD

We can not change the people around us. The idiots, biggots, judge mental types , the ablelists the know it all’s. What we can do is enhance ourselves to be the best version of ourselves we can on any given day. It won’t always be the same. But if we try to carve out a space within ourselves to be more accepting of ourselves and others kinder, gentler, sweeter we may be able to cope with the monumental challenges we have been dealt. Personally it’s hard. It’s really hard. I’m a mom, I’m overweight and overworked and overwhelmed. I’m dealing with my own health and my demons of pains past. I’m caring for a child with special needs and my husband is a dear but has.. well it’s a long story.
I want to try to .... thanks for listening #Chatspace #nojudgement #Kindness #Selfcare #gentle

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Not everyone’s depression is the same #No2AreTheSame #Depression #OpentheNarrative #Emptiness #WhereAreMyFeeling #nojudgement

Just like snowflakes ❄️ no two people are the same. Depression affects everyone differently and for a variety of reasons.

Covid has profoundly affected everyone in someway. #Depression #Anxiety #Loss #hopelessness .

Whether you are on medication or not, depression can strike no matter what. Everyone’s form of depression looks different, one person’s depression will enable them to cope with their every day life, while another person’s depression will put that person in the hospital or unable to do everyday tasks.

I myself have experienced a rainbow 🌈 variety of depression experiences. From being hospitalized when I was young due to suicidal thoughts and attempts. Then had a complete breakdown in college, and ran away to another state due to the pressure being to much. I did come back, once I started my meds again.

Then I got married, however quickly found out he was abusive. I craved worked to just get away. I put a smile on everyday even though my insides felt like they were crumbling. Finally I left my husband. However the damage was done I was left with no self worth or confidence.

I met my current husband next and we got engaged right way for my fear of being alone. Three babies later, I’m home all day alone with me struggling. Exhausted, no friends, no time without the babies, running 24/7. My husband only home for dinner,sleep and return to work. This was life.... I ate to feel comfort, I cleaned to have order, I organized everything so I had some control and yet my smile was fake. Day in and day out, on repeat.

There were major events that happened in between that affected my life and my families. I did the depression Merry go round, lay in bed for days with no shower. Not wanting to eat or see daylight. Then eat to much and sit in front of the television. Finally I would shower and leave home for weeks. I did this for two years

I finally came home and decided I needed more help then the meds I occasionally took. I got a counselor, a psychiatrist, case manager and support person along with all new meds. I was determined to get myself back. When I was back, there was never a “normal” . I did however need some sort of semblance of balance in my life, a routine of sorts.

Do I have bad days? Yes of course, I’m human. I also have mental health issues and will not let them define me! I have #Bipolar1Disorder , #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder as well as #Anxiety and #CPTSD . I’ve come to accept that I will have good days, bad days and some days where I hide under my covers. I’m just grateful I’m not running away anymore.

Nothing I ever did made me feel better and made the #empty go away... running away, food, sleeping, avoiding people, fake smiles, hospitalization, working my self to exhaustion and having companionship just because I was afraid to be alone.

This is my depression #No2AreTheSame

#NoJudgment #youarenotalone


Am I selfish and horrible? How should I handle? #Chat #nojudgement #ASD #cowdens #Caregiver #Family #Parenting

Ok. My brother is getting married and the family (besides the two who live overseas) are getting together tbe weekend before for a “before party” I don’t want to go. Among my many siblings and their many many children I’m the only one who has a non neurotypical, severely impaired child (seriously I’m not an ableist just take my word for it it’s an extremely difficult situation) it is very very painful for me to even inadvertently compare him to his cousin who is one week younger. Or the other one who is a month older. And I see them living their lives which are not specifically easy but it feels like they are difficult in a more regular way. My sisters and their spouses chat , something my husband and I never have time for. They *** again no time or energy or interest.. and though I’ve made peace with my challenges in a general way, I don’t think I could put up with it for a whole weekend. Open to nonjudgmental suggestions


Reflecting, recovering, self affirmation #cowdens #ASD #Parenting #Caregiver #worklifebalance #Trauma #DomesticAbuse survivor

I took a nap today for a couple of hours. I woke up , eyes burning from exhaustion but with clarity as follows
A mom of a large family with a disabled child (whose school is on again off again) with a grandchild on tbe way who also is being a spouse, laundress, housekeeper, cook, managing her own medical/emotional journey who is clocking in fifty hours a week at an extremely high stress profession is going to lose it. It may be fast an obvious to all, it may be more subtle but I’m definitely losing my “shiitake mushrooms “ and so would everyone else. Cause I’m attempting to do something entirely unmanageable. . So my goal this weekend is to be kind to myself, understanding of my limitations and encourage everyone to do tbe same #Chat #rant #nojudgement #listening


Need a reframe #DomesticAbuseSurvivor #Marriage #Caregiving #providing #Chat #rant #nojudgement

I feel like a loser, a moron , pathetic.. I’d been working all week maybe two mentally, emotionally and physically preparing for a task (non medical) I did my research, got my equipment and got psyched into it. I could not complete it. It was to challenging, to triggering, to painful. Hubby stopped me. I feel like such a sell out , such a klutz, such a complete and utter loser

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