I have been in a deep depression for several weeks. A couple months ago I found out that I am a carrier of genetic dementia, and I'm struggling to process it all emotionally. I'm not really functional now, but I am a stay at home mom of 3, including 2 teens with autism. Now my therapist has prescribed self care and bed rest only for 2-3 weeks, and no driving. But how can I do that with children who need so much from me 24/7? Even if I don't do the housework, knowing that it's piling up is just as much stress as doing it. And not taking my kids to their social skills groups will cause problems for them. How can I possibly manage being a caregiver when I'm the one who needs a caregiver? I'm so scared and angry and lonely. #alzheimers #Dementia #dominantlyinheritedalzheimersdisease #ChronicIllness #Caregiver #Autism #autismparent #CheckInWithMe #needhelp