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So tired of the pain

I dont want to be here anymore. I'm tired of the pain, stigma, and feelings inside me. Everyone would be so much better off without me. #dontwanttolive

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#dontwanttolive #suffering #CheckInWithMe

i am constantly thinking how to end this life. not doing it because of my parents. but my strenght is almost gone. i feel it’s totally gone. i even decided on the date. gave all of my stuff. struggling to find any reason not to do it. pushing my self to go out and do things. but nothing works anymore. nothing. i just wish all the time if i could just die so I don’t have to do it in such traumatizing and socially unacceptable way. when will it end? whatever comes first. my suffering or the dead to save me from this pain? i am so tired of me. i have no ideas or will anymore how to keep living


why live when there is nothing left to live for? #Depression #SuicidalIdeation #deathwish

I deal with shit everyday and it has been that way for my whole 18years of my life because my mom marred an asshole that which so happens to be my father. not to mention for the past 4years I have been dealing with snaping hip syndrome where ur iloso tendon pops over ur hip socket every time u walk,go from sitting to standing and cuses excuceating pain I had surgery on both but didn't work as well as like 2years in a wheelchair because of the surgeries that didn't work #Pain #everydaylife #dontwanttolive

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