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It sucks to be gaslit by anyone, but it’s even worse when it’s by the doctors.

A few years ago I had an ear infection and on the screen in the doctors was the phrase “cholesteatoma”. I had had a CT scan about 2 years before and this was never mentioned to me.

Afterwards, I requested them to find the letter from the CT scan results and they said they couldn’t find it. And I was mocked for asking about it.

It was then repeated verbally when the surgeon was going through risks of my jaw surgery. Processing all the other information given, I never asked what it was.

It’s something that’s always bothered me, so a few weeks ago when I switched doctors surgery, I requested access to my medical records. This was granted.

Last night I spent time trying to find the letter. And I found it. I sat there in anger, shock and disbelief for a good while. And the way they worded their disappointment when I declined the operation to fix what I knew as just a tiny perforation in my ear when they advised against having an operation.

I wonder if my hearing loss could have been avoided if they had told me. Because I wouldn’t have turned it down, had I known. I was always on the fence about it, but I trusted them when they said there wasn’t much point.

On my current referral to ENT, it’s never been mentioned. I plan on bringing it up when I see them. I just don’t understand why they hid it from me.

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#ear piercing #chronic pain

Has anyone gotten an ear piercing that has helped reduce their pain?


Does anyone in the #Fibromyalgia community have #ear problems?

I frequently experience drainage in the back of my throat, pain, itching/burning and nausea/balance issues. An ENT found nothing wrong. I went through several tests, including allergy trials and I was sent away with no answers. He recommended yoga and better sleep but that's it.

I was formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 4 years later (experiencing symptoms at the time I tried the ENT) and realized the ear problems might be connected to that. 

Any ideas?