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    It sucks to be gaslit by anyone, but it’s even worse when it’s by the doctors.

    A few years ago I had an ear infection and on the screen in the doctors was the phrase “cholesteatoma”. I had had a CT scan about 2 years before and this was never mentioned to me.

    Afterwards, I requested them to find the letter from the CT scan results and they said they couldn’t find it. And I was mocked for asking about it.

    It was then repeated verbally when the surgeon was going through risks of my jaw surgery. Processing all the other information given, I never asked what it was.

    It’s something that’s always bothered me, so a few weeks ago when I switched doctors surgery, I requested access to my medical records. This was granted.

    Last night I spent time trying to find the letter. And I found it. I sat there in anger, shock and disbelief for a good while. And the way they worded their disappointment when I declined the operation to fix what I knew as just a tiny perforation in my ear when they advised against having an operation.

    I wonder if my hearing loss could have been avoided if they had told me. Because I wouldn’t have turned it down, had I known. I was always on the fence about it, but I trusted them when they said there wasn’t much point.

    On my current referral to ENT, it’s never been mentioned. I plan on bringing it up when I see them. I just don’t understand why they hid it from me.

    #Cholesteatoma #ent #ear #Gaslighting #HearingLoss #CTScan

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    This was me after my second CT scan!

    Greatful they know what’s wrong now! #iihmemes #IIH #iihwarrior #CTScan #Meme #funny #RareDisease

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    What are peoples experience with CT scans and barium?

    I’ve never had one before and am a bit nervous. I’ve had quite a few procedures I don’t know why this one in particular is making me anxious. #IBS #CTScan

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    Let's talk #MedicalTrauma

    I went to the hospital Tuesday for another #CTScan for my #Undiagnosed GI issue. I was told there would be contrast. I was never told what my whole ordeal would consist of. For someone that can barely eat or drink, I had to drink 32oz of contrast and a cup of water. This contrast tasted like the prep you have drink before a #Colonoscopy so it made it even harder. I had 10 minutes to drink each cup. so three cups of liquid in 30 minutes. If I couldn't, they couldn't do the #CTScan. I am #angry that my doctor didn't provide me with the information I needed to prepare myself for this test. I am #Upset because I was blindsided. I am #hurt because I had to do something I wasn't prepared for because my doctor didn't feel I needed to know what this test entailed. I'm #scared to let this doctor order more tests.

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