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Sprained angle, top grade

Hello, everyone. Hope you are all well. This is the first question I will be posting, as I just joined. I am excited to be here and speak with others who suffer with EDS.

I sprained my ankle about three months ago, had some hairline fractures on foot, tore ligament, tendon, other damage that wasn’t noticed, I’m sure. I had to use a chair for two months. This past month it seems I can walk some days but I’m very stiff in the mornings. Then if I do actually walk as frequently as one would in a day around the house, next day I have to stay in bed. I read it could take up to six months to heal but my ankle keeps dislocating because for a short while I whore the heavy boot urgent care prescribed. Only made things worse. #ChronicIllnessEDS #sprained ankle #Elhers #EDSHT #HypermobileTypeEDS

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healthy people getting mad at me for being openly disabled

it's so frustrating when I try to be open about who i am, accept my limitations, and honestly just make jokes or talk casually about my disabilities. I'm pretty open about my EDS, my depression, and all the little things that my body or brain just doesn't want to do properly. I'm over here just trying to survive and not let it get me down, but it hurts when I get snapped at. "all you do is talk about what's wrong" "stop complaining" "you're a hypochondriac" "don't let it rule your life" "you need to just tough it out "
I promise I talk about other things! but it seems like any time I'm honest about these things, healthy people get angry at me and try to change the subject... it really freaking hurts. #EDS #Elhers-danlos #ChronicPain #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression

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iv hydration # iv hydration #mitochondrial disease #Elhers

I have been on iv hydration for over six years, the problem is I am on d5potassium,magnesium,saline and don’t know which to use at what point,my doctor always says go on how u feel but I don’t know what is most beneficial for my Mito disorder&elhers Danilo’s? what do your doctors advise, and what symptoms should I look for to decide what one I need? #