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If you know pain, then you understand not being able to fully be somewhere. I was out with friends for a birthday and for most of the night felt fine, then comes this sharp shooting pain throughout my body that got worse if I moved around, and of course we’re out dancing. How the hell am I supposed to act like I’m not in pain and dance around when that is the very thing that makes it worse? How am I supposed to have a good time? How am I supposed to tell the friends I rode with that I’m ready to go home without ruining their night? Well I didn’t do any of that. I sat at our table and could tell that I had a look on my face. A look of disgust. A look of tiredness. A look of pain. A look they had seen too often lately. Thankfully I have wonderful friends who sat at the table with me. Who danced in their seats so I wasn’t alone. Who never left my side regardless of the song that was playing and how bad they wanted to be out dancing around. Tired my body deciding when we have fun. #Endometriosis #endometrosissucks



To whoever’s reading this-
I woke up this morning and got out of bed. #Endometriosis #EndometriosisAwarenessMonth #Endometriosflareup #Endometriosiswarrior #endometrosissucks #ChronicIllness #illness #Invisable
That there is proof that I am not giving in or giving up.
To friends-who I’ve lost or become memories of the past because we haven’t done things, I’m sorry, I am not a free women.
To the people who know not much about me but proceed to judge, your voices will not be heard no more.
To the Men and women -who do not live with a chronic illness yet carry on slating the ones who do, you hurt us.
To endometriosis, you may have my body, you may make me feel like I’ll never have my freedom. You may ruin my “good” days and crush me. You may leave me bloated and bedridden. You may admit me to hospital, you may attempt to take many chances away from me. You may make me cry, or angry or irritated. You may not only attack one part of us but all our organs. You are incurable and you are evil, and you leave us feeling drained and empty.
But, To me- you are strong, you are powerful and you can try take back what body you have left. You can be brave and try your hardest, you can smile past the feeling of being torn apart. And even the days you feel you’re worth so little, you’re here for a reason. This post is for the people who feel constantly alone, YOU are NOT.... Be careful before you assume how someone is on their looks please.



Endometriosis is horrible, Endometriosis is so much more then people think. It effects so much not just physically but mentally too. You feel ashamed, mentally drained and anxious ..anxiety because you’re scared you’ll get in pain whilst you’re out. Endometriosis gives me daily pain. i live in daily pain because of this horrible illness and very little people know what endometriosis is.
Endometriosis is a medical condition that occurs when the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, grows in other places, such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries or along the pelvis but it can grow in a lot more places like your bowel and bladder, endometriosis can grow everywhere and fast.
some people deal with pain during sex and that’s all they deal with. Some people deal with that and pain when they’re on their period
and then there’s some that deal with pain all the time, the pain isn’t mild, it’s severe pain down your legs, in your hips and back. You’re stomach feels like it’s twisting but also being stabbed. People pass out from the pain, some are sick. Endometriosis needs more awareness. endometriosis is so so so much more then people or doctors know. i’m always in bed crying in pain, doctors like to say it’s normal. it’s not. #Endometriosis #EndometriosisAwarenessMonth #Endometriosiswarrior #endometrosissucks