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Tips to beat Endo flares and belly bloating?

I'm on my fourth flare day in a row. At least I think it's a flare. My Endo pain seems to be getting worse since my surgery 5months ago. I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis and my pains and symptoms have gotten worse since month 3 post op. It's so debilitating!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to beat Endo flare? Also does peppermint tea actually help reduce endo belly aka bloating? Any other things that help?
#Endometriosis #Endometriosflareup #Endometriosiswarrior



To whoever’s reading this-
I woke up this morning and got out of bed. #Endometriosis #EndometriosisAwarenessMonth #Endometriosflareup #Endometriosiswarrior #endometrosissucks #ChronicIllness #illness #Invisable
That there is proof that I am not giving in or giving up.
To friends-who I’ve lost or become memories of the past because we haven’t done things, I’m sorry, I am not a free women.
To the people who know not much about me but proceed to judge, your voices will not be heard no more.
To the Men and women -who do not live with a chronic illness yet carry on slating the ones who do, you hurt us.
To endometriosis, you may have my body, you may make me feel like I’ll never have my freedom. You may ruin my “good” days and crush me. You may leave me bloated and bedridden. You may admit me to hospital, you may attempt to take many chances away from me. You may make me cry, or angry or irritated. You may not only attack one part of us but all our organs. You are incurable and you are evil, and you leave us feeling drained and empty.
But, To me- you are strong, you are powerful and you can try take back what body you have left. You can be brave and try your hardest, you can smile past the feeling of being torn apart. And even the days you feel you’re worth so little, you’re here for a reason. This post is for the people who feel constantly alone, YOU are NOT.... Be careful before you assume how someone is on their looks please.


Endometriosis Flare Up #Endometriosis #Endometriosflareup #FlareUps #Flareup #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

Day 1 of endometriosis flare up. I hate this. I have had flare ups before but never this bad. It hurts so bad. I’m suppose to be doing stuff today, but I just can’t. Everyone wants me to get up and do stuff but they don’t seem to understand that I simply can’t do anything. I just want this day to end so I can hopefully get some sleep. #Endometriosis #FlareUps