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    Have you had MALS surgery yet?

    I’m curious to see who has had MALS surgery, who has had redo surgery, and what you’re current #MedianArcuateLigamentSyndrome status is! Let’s go through this #Together ♥️

    #MALS #abdominalpain #ChronicPain #epigastricpain #chronic #nutrition #Pain #nause


    Chronic pain for 3 years and I'm only 22

    I've had chronic pain for 3 years in my lower right abdomen and now it's causing my right lower back pain. Over this time I've had an endoscopy where a hiatus hernia was found but is not the source of my pain. At the weekend I had a transvaginal ultrasound due to my many gynae related symptoms and they found a fibroma on my left ovary. This is also no the cause of my pain according to my doctors. I've had blood test after blood test with no abnormalities except low vitamin D levels which is now being treated. Today my GP has said my pain could be from a trapped nerve and now I have more medication on top of the 10+ medications I'm already on. I'm only 22 I'm in agony every day at the moment and my tramadol isn't working well anymore. What can I do to make the doctors listen? What do you think could be causing this? How do you manage your chronic pain? I'm at the point now where I'm going to have to take a break from my Nursing degree because I'm so debilitated all I can do is lie in bed writhing in pain and vomiting. The doctors won't give me stronger pain relief either, how can I make them understand?

    #ChronicPain #BackPain #abdominalpain #Pain #ChronicIllness #hiatushernia #OvarianCyst


    Any recommendations for a good (brand) electric heating pad?

    My last electric heating pad just broke yesterday 😢. So im looking for a good replacement, maybe even thinking about getting a cordless one (that runs on a powerbank) but I've not heard anyone talk about those jet... So I'm interested in any recommendations or input 😁
    (I need it for my whole belly area, I usually get those "Back pain-heating Back Wrap" things)


    Thoughts too loud

    I’ve spent the past month in and out of hospital with #Undiagnosed #abdominalpain . I’ve been given painkillers and antibiotics, but neither have worked and nobody will give me more tests because they don’t know what they’re looking for. I have the most wonderful friends who have been helping look after me in this time, but there have been times where everything seemed so desolate I thought about not continuing with my life. As a Christian, I believe that when I die I will go to Heaven, I will have a healed body and an untarnished soul and I will be in God’s Kingdom, and right now that sounds really really good.


    Blood Clots

    Can you get a blood clot from abdominal pain? #BloodClot #abdominalpain #questions


    Angiomyolipomas in kidney and simple liver cysts. #angiomyolipomas #liver #KidneyPain #abdominalpain #diverticular Disease

    I have had a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms but more recently a number of them got worse. I had an ultrasound and ct scan which showed a simple liver cyst (does not say what size), diverticula (not inflamed) and angiomyolipomas on left kidney (1.1 cm). My doctor says no way pain from liver or kidney blames everything on digestion. Does anyone here have ever had any experience of pain from a simple liver cyst? This seems to flare up for few days then eases off. I usually get nausea and bloating with this. Lying on my right side recently seemed to trigger it off for 2 days. It also flares up temporarily when I exercise (running or long cycles). It is located in top right abdomen under ribs and flares up to shoulder and even back sometimes. Got all clear from gall bladder.
    I also get some pain in my left side/back (kidney?) that comes and goes but this is currently not bad. Along with periods of proteinuria and 'moderate kidney disease' (creatinine high, low egfr). Tired of being ignored by doctor who blames everything on stress.


    Painkillers for abdominal pain #Pain #PainMedication #abdominalpain

    I've had chronic abdominal pain nearly a year now. When the pain began I started with codeine and soon realised this was not helping my pain. I went onto tramadol which I have been taking for the majority of this year now but I'm finding the pain is becoming worse and the tramadol is no longer helping as much as I'm still in alot of discomfort. What painkillers have you found most effective for pain? Abdominal pain to be exact?

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    Hello Mighty Family. Taking a quick break to say good morning. Up a lot last night with GI issues, but here at work now. This was the best I had to offer this morning. #NoFilter #sjogrens #abdominalpain #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #UndiagnosedIllness

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    Struggling with #abdominalpain

    So tired of living in such pain all the time, i know my mighty friends understand! Spent the day at the ER because my G tube literally fell out in the midst of a bout of violent vomiting... I have a g tube for venting my stomach to decrease the vomiting but stopped working Friday night, low and behold, because it was no longer in proper place! Well, on the bright side at least he got it back in but not before sending my pain through the roof. He had to apply a ton of pressure and even with decreasing size felt like he was trying to put a blunt screw through to my spine via my already chronically painful abdomen. Not to mention how sore i am from all the vomiting that's been going on for days... Lidocaine did little to help and apparently the fascia had already started closing so he was literally stuffing the blunt tube in, tearing through the fascia. Home now but dealing with the aftermath and know I'm not getting any sleep tonight... Would love some distraction please? Or advice on what my fellow spoonies do to deal with extreme painful nights, especially abdominal pain? TIA #Upallnight #ChronicPain #abdominalpain #FeedingTube #Gtube #Gastroparesis #nausea #Vomiting #Dysautonomia #Dysautonomiastruggles #HypermobileTypeEDS #ChronicIllness #NeverGiveUp


    Anyone have J tube feeds back up into your stomach? What do you do about it?

    I've had a J tube for going on 7 years and have had intermittent trouble in the past with tube feed backing up into my stomach and then sits there until I vomit. After sepsis in November and an ischemic bowel injury has become a major issue. Constant pain, vomiting, dry heaving all feeding into each other and i was getting practically no calories and was only staying hydrated because of my iv fluids. Well, we tried and tried but nothing was significantly improving so in February started TPN, which is almost a death sentence for me because of my history with sepsis... At that point though there were tough conversations about dying fast from sepsis or a slow death from malnutrition and dehydration... So did end up starting TPN but my GI Dr also placed a straight (separate) G tube so that i could vent instead of vomiting all the time. Making a world of difference as it broke the cycle of vomiting and dry heaves, while not gone, much less frequent. So tried to reintroduce tube feed and was supposed to go up on tube feeds and slowly come down off TPN. Well... Sepsis... Again... After that cleared plan was to forge ahead as i had finally got to a whole 10 mls/hr. Was home only 10 days before sepsis struck AGAIN. (Same bacteria so think the antibiotics didn't clear the previous infection completely.) Came with a vengeance and landed me in ICU again on pressors AGAIN... As if that wasn't enough developed flash pneumonia and went from a little dry cough to intubated in under 40 hours. Really brought me to the brink this time and ICU DR said if I continue with a central line it will kill me. Thus began the all out battle to get my gut to accept tube feeds. Was able to get tube feeds up to around 1,000 calories but due to covid was rushed out of the hospital before seeing if i could stay hydrated via j tube, as they pulled the central line. That has been the biggest piece of my struggle right now. Within 2 weeks started doing peripheral IVs for hydration as tube feed was consistently backing up and leaving me with way more output then intake. Also driving that was lack of urine and concern i don't end up with kidney damage. Well, am getting hydration via sub q now (long story) but to get adequate total fluid intake had to back down the tube feeds so now only getting around 700 calories a day, obviously not sufficient long term. Driving factor still being that when i increase the rate it flows backward. Last 2ish weeks been spiking fevers and Dr thinks it's a gut infection so doing rosefen shots to hopefully clear that up and maybe improve the inflammation. Hoping maybe once that's healed I'll tolerate the feeds better. Sorry this is so long but wanted to share some background to the problem. Does anyone have experience with this type of malfunction? What did you do about it?
    If you made it through all that, thanks for reading! Look forward to hearing back! Be Well! #Gastroparesis #TubeFeeding #Dysautonomia #Gtube #abdominalpain #Sepsis