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#ChronicIllness fighter . Living her best life! Overcomer ! #epilpseywarior Hidden Invisible Autitsc Striped zebra! With a creative mind!

#epilpsey Sezure awareness ; #MentalHealth
Hidden disbalty . Fribomlga warrior #LymeDisease #AspergersSyndrome / autism awareness! ADHD . #OsteogenesisImperfecta { brittle bones/ cognitive tissue disorder} hypersensitivity.
Sensory processing disorder! #JointHypermobilitySyndrome hypermobile Elers Danilo’s syndrome #RsdCrps

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I feel like I might die from a broken heart

I've read about how people can actually die from a broken heart years ago. I never had high blood pressure until this past year, my cholesterol is high and both my parents had heart disease including my younger brother by the age of 40 he had 2 hear attacks. I constantly have chest pain but I have anxiety too so it could be that. But part of me wouldn't mind if I did pass away from broken heart. I'm so alone and I have told my family how I'm not doing well emotionally, mentally and physically #epilpsey #AutoimmuneThyroidDisease #hashimotos just to name a few. But I receive nothing in response except that I'm sure where you live in they must have agencies to help you. I'm trying to find a reason to continue... I wouldn't take my life because of how I know what the aftermath is from #Suicide but I really would like it be over.

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Has anyone else with a seizure disorder find it hard to study like they did before they started having seizures. #epilpsey

I'm studying for the Bar exam and I'm just realizing how different my brain feels. I'm getting discouraged because I can't figure out how my brain works now. I feel so not like myself anymore.