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Just had surgery....please help!!

So I put off having knee surgery for 7 months and finally got it done the other day. I am in EXCRUCIATING pain. They gave me a lot of pain killers at the hospital before i was discharged. But they haven't helped at all. Sent me home with percs too and nothing has worked. It feels like someone shot me in the knee and there's an open wound. I can't move at all without help. I've never been In this much pain before. And i understand my fibromyalgia is probably contributing to the pain. But my chest is always tight, I start sobbing randomly because it hurts so bad, i can't stop shaking. I'm not showing signs of infection but I also don't think this is normal. This is my first surgery and I am completely freaking out. I won't be seeing the doctor till next week at some point to get my bandages changed and I have no idea what to do in the meantime. And cant take any of my medical marijuana till they tell me. I'll take any suggestions, please help!! #Surgery #kneesurgery #Pain #excruciating #suggestions #pleasehelp #Fibromyalgia

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#ChronicPain #painflaring #excruciating #Fibromyalgia #pstd

Spend too much time on my legs today got ride to Homw Depot to look for plant stand. (multiplant stand) Legs excruciating. I am going to try to practice the #DBT exercise to get into the moment taking notice of your surrounding distractions - like right now im trying to pukl my energy put from my hurting legs - severe pain- & I'm gping to direct my energy to what's goijg on right now. Right now is my music playlist I made of songs I like!!! & the beautiful garden .....across from me as I sit on couch typing this.....they need be https://elevated.So ill be back in a bit🙋(((((💗HUGS))))bye for now.