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    Build Mastery DBT skill #DBT #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    One of the DBT skills is build mastery. This is doing something you've never done before and doing it successfully. For me a lot of times it's trying a new recipe while cooking and not screwing it up. Now if your screw it up and finally succeed the 2nd or however many times it takes it counts when you get good results. For instance, I tried a new meatloaf recipe yesterday evening and it turned out pretty good. I'd definitely say that counts for build mastery. I got the recipe off of the back of a stove top stuffing box. I'd recommend it to anyone. Especially putting the BBQ sauce in the meat when mixing the ingredients. It gives that BBQ flavor throughout the meatloaf. I don't usually do it that way. I think that using the stuffing mix instead of bread crumbs worked better as well. I should've probably used a leaner hamburger as it left a lot of grease in the baking dish but that's okay with me. Anyways thought I'd share a DBT skills with everyone. Hope everyone has a good day.

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    Survival vs Living

    Surviving vs. Living

    We all want to live life. But many of us are stuck in survival mode. Our symptoms and conditions are so powerful, we do the bare minimum to get through the day. Time repeats day in and day out.

    Habitually, just getting through the day, literally just going through the motions. No happy moments, and if there are any, they are fleeting, and I have to find something wrong with it…not allowing happiness.

    I have spent too much time listening to the lies of depression or letting my OCD get the best of me. It is time to STOP and start living.

    STOP is an acronym from Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)

    First S= Stop (literally) what you are doing.

    T= Take a deep breath

    O= Observe what is around with all your senses

    P = Proceed

    The end is the kicker --- how do I proceed. My emotional mind tells me to go back to bed and hide from the world. OCD and depression devour this mind.

    But my rational mind says -- I have distractions: coloring, puzzles, word search, gaming, watching streaming shows, shower, rip paper, go for a walk, play with my adorable mini goldendoodle, write or even read.

    Anything that is the opposite of what your mind is telling you to do.

    The only way to get out of survival mode is to change your habits.

    When you get to the Proceed, you do the opposite of that of what you nasty emotional mind lies and tells you -- Find a hobby, read, play, draw, crawl, yoga, cards, journaling…

    Really bad (ice pack, cold shower, get a stuffed animal pillow to squeeze)

    Go to the app store of your choice -- amazing apps for coloring and word searches/word games.

    Once you start tricking your mind, these new habits will take over. Breathing and yoga are now routine for me. I have an app for on-the-go meditation and yoga.

    You have to start somewhere.


    It could be TODAY!


    #selfcare #OCD #Bipolar #Men #Anxiety #DBT

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    Ajahn Brahm guided meditation #Mindfulness #Meditation #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #DBT #BipolarDepression

    Here is a link for a guided meditation from Ajahn Brahm.

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    The truth#CPTSD #artheals #DBT #TBI #RadicalAcceptance

    I'm in denial.it has kept me in a standstill.I am aware of my own actions and progress,but I am ruminating,as usual.I do the exercises,put in the work,I am trying.I have to try harder.I am considering going completely offline.I know the algorithm is only making me overthink.I am remembering.They have said,I have to start over,again.

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    DBT Willingness #DBT #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    I've done posts about Radical Acceptance and Turning The Mind now for the last part Willingness. Willingness is about staying committed to change and doing what is needed to get that change.
    For me this has to do with substance use in particular alcohol use. There are other changes I'm making as well and going through the same process with but substance use is what I'm using for these examples.
    I first accepted that I need to stop drinking. Then I decided to commit to that change. Now I have to be willing to do what I have to do to get that change.
    Since I have a brother who's a big drinker I have to keep it in my head to not drink with him when he's around me. Not going out to his vehicle and taking a shot with him or asking him if he has any to begin with. I don't go anywhere at the moment so, that's really the only time I'm around it.
    Now if I do go anywhere in the future then stick to that committance by not drinking then either. Now I did go to families for the Superbowl and was able to not drink there and haven't drank since December which was a crappy month for me to begin with but I've done good and not drank since then. I just have to keep at staying sober.
    These three steps are required to seriously change things and will work with anything you might need to change. Whether it's going to therapy or staying on meds or anything else. Which honestly I'm having to do both of those as well. Change is possible but you have to accept it, commit to it and be willing to do what is needed for it. Hope this all helps.

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    DBT Turning The Mind #DBT #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    I posted about Radical Acceptance and Turning The Mind is what comes afterwards. Turning The Mind is when you've accepted the change and then committing to that change.
    For me personally the change is abstinence from alcohol. Which will lead to other behaviors changing because they are often fueled by the alcohol use itself. There are other things that I need to change as well but the process is the same for them all. I'm just using substance use for these examples.
    I've accepted that I have to quit drinking so, that's the first step to Turning The Mind. Now I have to commit to it and stay committed to not drinking period. The biggest way to do that is keeping it in my head not to when I'm around it and not doing it.
    Yes, I'll say there are a lot of times I want to take a shot or simply get as drunk as possible because of the situation I'm in and the fact that I've lost the most important person to me (favorite person). Those with BPD will know what I'm talking about on that. Turning The Mind is simply accepting change and being committed to change.

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    DBT Radical Acceptance #DBT #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    I'm going to talk about radical acceptance as it's used for DBT and also give an example to help explain it. Radical acceptance is about accepting that you need to change certain things to have a life worth living. This doesn't mean you have to like it but, you do have to change it.
    One big one for me is substance use. The biggest substance problem for me is alcohol use. Typically when I push people away oftentimes alcohol is involved.
    It's taken some time for me to accept that my last therapist as well as most friends have always tried to get it in my head that I should quit drinking completely and I would say well stupid stuff doesn't always happen when I drink I just need to control it. I figured out that only works some of the time.
    So, I've finally accepted that I have to stop drinking completely to get what I want in life. Part of me doesn't like it because I am more social when I drink. But, on the other hand I know they're right and I'm definitely wrong. I know it has to change and don't like it but it is what it is.
    You can apply that to any behavior that causes turmoil in your life. That's the biggest radical acceptance for me personally. I know I ramble but I hope you all can gain some understanding on how it works.

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    DBT #bpt #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #DBT

    I am finally getting a grasp of DBT therapy I even ordered books on borderline personality disorder and. DBT therapy so I can educate myself #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #DBT #Healing

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    I can’t even but I did #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PMDD #DBT

    Today, I realized the enormous work I have done to curb my borderline personality disorder. Around my periods I’ve always been really really dysmorphic and dysregulated. I am finally acknowledging today it’s OK if I feel unwell and messy sometimes.
    I want and need to keep giving myself grace as this self compassion allows me to radically accept me for me. Splitting, is two opposing views and not being able to hold them at the same time. I know especially around my period my mood really hinges on either being a good solid person or horriblely shit person. It’s even harder to get into wise mind as emotional mind is running rampant.

    I’m wondering if you humans have any tips to help me realize I am splitting? I seem see it later or only if my partner points it out. It’s incredibly hard to realize it on my own.

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