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DBT for trauma

DBT is really helping me heal from childhood trauma. Has anyone else had the same experience? #DBT #Trauma #PTSD

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first time doing DBT

can anyone explain how DBT works and what all it consist of? im doing it next Monday for the first time w my therapist..idk what to expect or feel..i know i need to do it bc im really messed up from my childhood trauma's..

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Emma. I'm here because I've found myself at a point where I'm lacking peers and community. I want to move towards more stability and wellness within myself and in my life and that feels like such a huge mountain to climb on my own. Growth is important to me and I've realised I need people to grow with. Lately I've felt like mental health symptoms have taken over to the point where it's all I can do to keep my head above water every day. I'm hoping to find resources, learning, connections, and skills that will help me to go from just coping to thriving and actually enjoying life again. And I feel like it would be really rewarding to be supporting others in their journeys as well!

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DBT Improve the Moment #DBT #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

One of the DBT skills is called improve the moment. This can be anything that improves the moment for you. Watching a comedy, prayer for some, meditation, and even taking a nap.
The nap thing is something my therapist pointed out to me. Oftentimes when I wake up from a nap I'm in a better mood than I was when I went to sleep. Even taking a shower or bath can improve the moment. Hope this helps some.

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Pushg away intrusive thoughts. #DBT #IntrusiveThoughts

I've noticed that at times marijuana use with me can lead to intrusive thoughts and paranoia. It seems to happen less with Indica strains than Sativa's. I have however found a way to combat these thoughts before they consume me. I look around and notice colors that I see and list them. Like for instance I see white, I see green, I see blue and so on. Those are the colors of my ceiling and walls in the room I'm in at the moment for example effect. By doing this I'm using most of the DBT mindfulness skills as well as the distress tolerance skill distract. It brings me back to the present moment and grounds me as it pushes the thoughts away. Once I'm confident they're gone I can stop. Also going back to the breathe and concentrating on the can also help. I think that may be more effective if you meditate but I could be wrong. If I am let me know. I just see it being more effective for someone who meditates. Both work for me so I do either one. Hope this can help someone.

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Build Mastery DBT skill #DBT #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

One of the DBT skills is build mastery. This is doing something you've never done before and doing it successfully. For me a lot of times it's trying a new recipe while cooking and not screwing it up. Now if your screw it up and finally succeed the 2nd or however many times it takes it counts when you get good results. For instance, I tried a new meatloaf recipe yesterday evening and it turned out pretty good. I'd definitely say that counts for build mastery. I got the recipe off of the back of a stove top stuffing box. I'd recommend it to anyone. Especially putting the BBQ sauce in the meat when mixing the ingredients. It gives that BBQ flavor throughout the meatloaf. I don't usually do it that way. I think that using the stuffing mix instead of bread crumbs worked better as well. I should've probably used a leaner hamburger as it left a lot of grease in the baking dish but that's okay with me. Anyways thought I'd share a DBT skills with everyone. Hope everyone has a good day.

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Survival vs Living

Surviving vs. Living

We all want to live life. But many of us are stuck in survival mode. Our symptoms and conditions are so powerful, we do the bare minimum to get through the day. Time repeats day in and day out.

Habitually, just getting through the day, literally just going through the motions. No happy moments, and if there are any, they are fleeting, and I have to find something wrong with it…not allowing happiness.

I have spent too much time listening to the lies of depression or letting my OCD get the best of me. It is time to STOP and start living.

STOP is an acronym from Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)

First S= Stop (literally) what you are doing.

T= Take a deep breath

O= Observe what is around with all your senses

P = Proceed

The end is the kicker --- how do I proceed. My emotional mind tells me to go back to bed and hide from the world. OCD and depression devour this mind.

But my rational mind says -- I have distractions: coloring, puzzles, word search, gaming, watching streaming shows, shower, rip paper, go for a walk, play with my adorable mini goldendoodle, write or even read.

Anything that is the opposite of what your mind is telling you to do.

The only way to get out of survival mode is to change your habits.

When you get to the Proceed, you do the opposite of that of what you nasty emotional mind lies and tells you -- Find a hobby, read, play, draw, crawl, yoga, cards, journaling…

Really bad (ice pack, cold shower, get a stuffed animal pillow to squeeze)

Go to the app store of your choice -- amazing apps for coloring and word searches/word games.

Once you start tricking your mind, these new habits will take over. Breathing and yoga are now routine for me. I have an app for on-the-go meditation and yoga.

You have to start somewhere.


It could be TODAY!


#selfcare #OCD #Bipolar #Men #Anxiety #DBT

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The truth#CPTSD #artheals #DBT #TBI #RadicalAcceptance

I'm in denial.it has kept me in a standstill.I am aware of my own actions and progress,but I am ruminating,as usual.I do the exercises,put in the work,I am trying.I have to try harder.I am considering going completely offline.I know the algorithm is only making me overthink.I am remembering.They have said,I have to start over,again.

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