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How Writing Can Help You Live A Better Life

Writing has always been the most preferable choice to boost our overall well-being. If you’re like most people, you would agree with me when I say that for an obvious reason.

To determine the impacts of writing for your mental health, you’ve got to find the right answers to these questions:

1. Is there any particular kind of writing should you try out to make sure you see the positive results it promises?

2. Should you just try writing about anything in whatever format you would like?

3. Does your choice matter at all? If so, would there be expected differences with the results?

The truth is it doesn’t matter what writing style, format, or voice you prefer, as long as it is expressive writing, which only requires authenticity, honesty, and willingness to embrace positive changes in your life, regardless if it brings a pleasurable feeling or unpleasant .

The reason is simple. Once these two are present in yourself right now, you will soon understand the true role of writing for mental health.

Unlike nonfiction writing or writing pieces of content for clients, expressive writing allows the writers and non-writers to enjoy without physical exhaustion. Given its rebellious as its counterpart, it does not conform at any costs.

Despite having fixed their eyes book outline only or whatever guides, writing has become the primary medium for you to tell your story about your most traumatic events, secrets, as well as projects for the future —your future.

With that said, choosing a specific writing niche and/or option doesn’t help it if my Aunt herself doesn’t want to help herself by it as I mentioned earlier.

Your writing style or voice won’t matter when writing for mental health because what matters is how you show your willingness to be vulnerable and acknowledge your past experiences.

Furthermore, the desirable results will only come to you depending on how deep could you dig into your life and respond to the BS your mind has been telling you based on your writing outputs.

In other words, knowing the writing process involved alone won’t be enough to self-heal. You need to be completely honest with yourself and remain in control despite the painful feelings it brings.

Cry if you must. But that doesn’t mean you runaway, escape, avoid, or dismiss that pain, my friend. Because that pain reminds you of being human and that you have the right to feel these things deeply. Through writing, I mean authentic, emotional, and expressive writing will help you get through it all.

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An expression of beauty, pain, and growth #Depression #Pain #Recovery #expressivewriting #wounded #growth #BeautyInPain

This isinspired by a writing webinar I participated in. I did something I rarely do, which is titling it.

Roses of my Soul

My soul is filled with roses in life with decay of different stages,
To see the buds, blossoms, and faded petals of other ages.
They tell a story of pain, sadness, grief, and growth in my life,
But with beauty comes thorns, soul bleeding from painful strife.
It hurts as my blood drains from wounds they've left behind,
Yet if I look closely there is no trace of an infection to find.
For the thorns that wounds create, a path is laid for healing,
Carrying away the decay that fallen petals were concealing.
Those petals fallen make way for buds long stunted to grow,
My soul thriving, new vines of hope releasing imprisoned woe.
The garden cultivated there will now bare much untold fruit,
As I learn to trust the winds of truth, my soul old lies now refute.