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Broken beyond repair

I’m struggling to keep the will to live. My heart has been shattered beyond what I can bear. Breakup 2 months ago and ex told me to leave me alone because he’s happy with someone new. The breakup was all my fault and I can’t stop obsessing over how I only have myself to blame. He turned cold on me and I am in so much pain. Can anyone relate? I’m in hell right now not eating or sleeping.
I have a relationship with Christ but struggling to find comfort in it now. #wounded #heartbreak #ObsessiveCompulsiveandRelatedDisorders


An expression of beauty, pain, and growth #Depression #Pain #Recovery #expressivewriting #wounded #growth #BeautyInPain

This isinspired by a writing webinar I participated in. I did something I rarely do, which is titling it.

Roses of my Soul

My soul is filled with roses in life with decay of different stages,
To see the buds, blossoms, and faded petals of other ages.
They tell a story of pain, sadness, grief, and growth in my life,
But with beauty comes thorns, soul bleeding from painful strife.
It hurts as my blood drains from wounds they've left behind,
Yet if I look closely there is no trace of an infection to find.
For the thorns that wounds create, a path is laid for healing,
Carrying away the decay that fallen petals were concealing.
Those petals fallen make way for buds long stunted to grow,
My soul thriving, new vines of hope releasing imprisoned woe.
The garden cultivated there will now bare much untold fruit,
As I learn to trust the winds of truth, my soul old lies now refute.


# You know tomorrow is Veterans Day?

#wounded Heart
A lot of sympathy and empathy here on website. Just think about all the sacrifices veterans have given for our country. After 3 wars and attempts of suicide, showing support and just listening to a veteran means a lot. We feel left behind and only time recognized is Veterans Day. Be nice for tomorrow to be shown some love on site.

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