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Management class may be cancelled due to the Coronavirus, but that didn’t stop me from OFFICIALLY upgrading to a new work outfit. I said goodbye to my “crew” outfit and said hello to my “manager” outfit. It definitely feels different having that title. Going to take some time getting used to it 😜 I’m grateful for my job, my coworkers & my boss who has put in many many hours to help me get to where I am.

She’s worked tirelessly with me to get me to where I am. I’ve worked my rear end off the last 2 & 1/2 years, putting in some extra hours to show my boss that I am a good employee and that I care about my job.

Thank you to my boss for believing in me from day one ❤️ having you in my life is wonderful. You’ve helped me overcome so much at work, and for that I’m grateful. All my hard work has payed off and continues to pay off.

Mind you I said in the past that I NEVER wanted the management position because it was too much. But here I am one step higher than I was before and it feels good. You’ve put confidence into me and that’s something I have never had before 🎉🥰🦋🌸 #fastfoodworker #ADHD #fastfood #McDonalds #Bekind #LoveLife #Anxiety