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Happy Spring!

Hello Everyone. This is Tinkerbell from Twitter. I follow her account and she always brings me joy with her cute outfits. Do you have any adorable spring things to share?


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Be you love, the world needs more of you, desperately n constantly. ..
You are here,
Going through so much
Yet you keep growing through all of it,
So graciously, so bravely and wonderfully...
You are doing great
You are worth loving...
Wishing you a lovely day ahead!
~ EternalRadiance♡

#spreadlove #spreadhope


if anyone hasn’t told you today;

I think you’re perfect. no not just in one way, I think everything about you is amazing. never stop being you❤️ #spreadlove #Iloveyou #youmatter

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it's okay to feel things!

don't bottle your feelings in. let them out! they matter.
Let me know how you feel this morning, and let's talk about it.
I'm so happy you exist! #spreadlove #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Friendship


Loving The Mighty App

I've just downloaded The Mighty App in Android! it's already heerrree for my fellow Android users too. I'm loving it. Thanks, The Mighty! Let's spread positivity, love, help and support to one another in this community. Live. Breathe. Don't be too hard on yourself. The struggle is super but we can all do this guys. A virtual hug for everyone 🤗.
#TheMighty #supporteachother #spreadlove #Depression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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I got a tattoo of a tree with no leaves and one little bird flying away. Typically when people get tattoos they hold some meaning or resemble something, or just because they like the design or words. Whatever it is, it’s your meaning and your reason. When I was in rehab at a really young age for drug abuse, I lost everything In my eyes at the time. I didn’t have drugs to cope, or places to go and hide and not deal with the pain and suffering anymore. Everything was brought out on the surface and it was what you stated when you stated your name it was everything you had to face at every moment right in front of you. There were very limited times where I felt like I had my own space so when we were allowed to go outside I went towards the tree to write and sit alone and collect all of my crazy thoughts at the time. It was the part of fall where the leaves were all gone, just trees with stems basically. I always found beauty in the tree even though it was dead. That sentence is what led me to getting this tattoo of a resemblance of finding the beauty in things. ##WhatsYours #TreeLove #expressyourself #RecoveryTattoos #MotivationalTattoos #BPD #spreadlove