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Second Day of Flare! #fibroflare

So this is very unexpected flare. I've doing well for me or so I thought. This flare has hit me like a ten tonne truck. I feel exhausted from lack of sleep, my body feels like its on fire, pain levels are spiking and my stomach hates me! So not a good day. Yesterday was awful but I still got up, walked my dogs, sorted my children (one is an adult) out and did my job. Sometimes I just want to fully rest with no guilt. ##Mumguilt #FibroLife #painwarrior #tired #mybodyisonfire

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So I realized that I've been accidentally hoarding the knowledge of this wonderful book (oops). It's full of tricks that are easy to individualize! Some work for me and some don't, but I've at least found a few!! The author has #Fibromyalgia and is a medical expert as well

#FibroLife #Fibromyalgia


Advice please

Hi All, I have a cold/tonsilitis for the first time since "getting" Fibro and feel like I have been hit by a cement truck. Is it normal for colds to be this bad or is my cold that bad? Not sure if it is something I should be bothering my doctor with or if I should just keep on over counter cold meds? #Fibromyalgia #FibroLife #cementtruck #isthisnormalnow

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#Fibromyalgia and trips in the car

It is Tuesday and already my week has been long. I had an appointment in the city 2hrs drive away. With pain that always gets extended to 3 or 4 hrs. (pretty pic of o e of the roads we drive on) We went on Sunday and stayed overnight in a motor inn. I think I relate to Goldilocks - the bed was too soft lol. Between that and my paranoia about noises ( I have PTSD, and anxiety which with crowds and traffic triples) my sleep came slowly. I'd like to say I magically woke refreshed but felt like crap, got to the appointment which took a while but ruled out problems with my optic nerve causing headaches. They cant explain CT scan results or was it mri? scanof brain anyhow showing more space than there should be. They checked my eyes thoroughly but it was another normal test result.
The thing is hubby drove. I was just a passenger but ive pulled up with sore legs, back and arms. I'm frustrated that a simple trip like that will now take me a week or so to recover from. #FibroLife