I just recently started a new YouTube account to make videos to help raise awareness about Chronic pain and chronic Mental and Physical https://Illnesses.As well as trying to push back against this “Opiod Epidemic “. I am raising awareness for many Chronic Pain patients who are being mistreated. In 2018 I survived a suicide attempt because I felt like I couldn’t keep living in pain like this after my pain Drs took me off my medications. I was struggling with memory loss and uncontrollable impulses. I feel like my calling or the reason I survived was to help raise awareness and educate the masses about mental illnesses and trying to deplete the stigma .If you would like to check out my YouTube channel I would sincerely appreciate it . Search for Chronic Pain Warrior 4 You . Let’s help unite strangers and families with understanding and love. I hope the more that my videos are viewed the more people can feel like they aren’t alone in this https://battle.And for those of us who are fighting invisible illness like I am the frustration of trying to prove you are not making this up and it is not “all in your head” I believe you . Keep advocating for yourself! I want to help you find the strength within you to not only survive but to strive . All my love .#Chronicpainwarrior #fibrowarrior #Spoonies #fightingtheopioidepedemic #ChronicPain #depressionhurts #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness #Anxiety #PTSD #HandicappedParking