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I am so depressed I can't move forward with what's left of my life. Every day I feel that there is no hope and nothing left.#Depression

I have no place to call home. Every choice I make is the wrong one and I don't have the money to make another mistake! I am scared and alone and my eyes hurt from crying all the time. I miss my dog so much. I want to be happy. I hurt.#nothingleft
#depressionhurts !#Iwanttogohomebutthereisnone


Fighting Hard Today

Woke up knowing today was going to be a day where I was going to have to fight to keep trying to want to live. Worst feeling ever and the things that help I cannot make myself do (exercise). Praying I wake up with some hope tomorrow. #depressionhurts #MajorDepression #sad

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You think I’m fine because I look fine on the outside

I just recently started a new YouTube account to make videos to help raise awareness about Chronic pain and chronic Mental and Physical https://Illnesses.As well as trying to push back against this “Opiod Epidemic “. I am raising awareness for many Chronic Pain patients who are being mistreated. In 2018 I survived a suicide attempt because I felt like I couldn’t keep living in pain like this after my pain Drs took me off my medications. I was struggling with memory loss and uncontrollable impulses. I feel like my calling or the reason I survived was to help raise awareness and educate the masses about mental illnesses and trying to deplete the stigma .If you would like to check out my YouTube channel I would sincerely appreciate it . Search for Chronic Pain Warrior 4 You . Let’s help unite strangers and families with understanding and love. I hope the more that my videos are viewed the more people can feel like they aren’t alone in this https://battle.And for those of us who are fighting invisible illness like I am the frustration of trying to prove you are not making this up and it is not “all in your head” I believe you . Keep advocating for yourself! I want to help you find the strength within you to not only survive but to strive . All my love .#Chronicpainwarrior #fibrowarrior #Spoonies #fightingtheopioidepedemic #ChronicPain #depressionhurts #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness #Anxiety #PTSD #HandicappedParking

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Internally Sad... #depressed #Depression #depressionhurts

I am sad. I am sad every single day of my life. Some days I can pretend life is great, I can smile and carry on like nothing is wrong. But there is something immensely wrong. I feel such sadness and pain in my soul. Somtimes I am thankful that I have been a single parent of two kids because they are the only reason I live. I do not want to die, I just want this pain to go away. This powerful sorrow I carry in my soul is really tormenting me. I do not wish this on anyone... How can I embrace something so painful???? I am drowing... #Depression #DepressiveDisorders #PerfectlyHiddenDepressedPerson #depressedmom #depressed


Evening thoughts #Night #Evening #Thoughts #depressionhurts

I’ve recently moved to my uncles house an hour and a half away from everyone and everything I knew. My family here isn’t as supportive as I thought they would be. I found out I’m an emotional/stress eater. That’s a big problem since I had gastric surgery last year. I noticed that I’m starting to gain weight back and my depression is getting worse. I’m noticing that anxiety is getting bad too. I’m supposed to see my doctor next week about medication. Other than distancing myself from everyone what can I do?


Tired #mightypoems #Suicide Survivor #depressionhurts


So they call this being a Survivor?
Really I would call it exhistor.
I'm alive because my heart is beating, my blood pumps through my veins.
The blackness lurks in my soul
Laughing at me that winning smile
Oh I can walk and talk and eat and pretend?
Lose family, friends, pets, hope, and will.
People have no idea how to look at my daughter, lying in the woods.
It goes through my brain
On a loop.
Slowly driving me mad.
These random thoughts just spilling out and now where are they going?
Really why even think about it.
It will be the same every day the rest of my life.
Exhist. Future same every day.



Sliding backwards

I thought I was doing well...I am coping better at work and parts of the "real" me began to resurface. Today is day two of staying home because I don't feel able to face the world. My mind and my body are exhausted. #depressionhurts

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