Hello! I applied for SSI a few months ago, and not much as happened yet. I know it is a long and grueling process and most people are denied at first and have to appeal. Because I am unemployed, I am struggling greatly financially and I am becoming more and more scared, impatient, and antsy. What helped you all with the social security process whether it's tips that helped expedite the process, tips of information to include/not include, or even just tips of how you coped mentally and practiced self care during these stressful times? I am also currently working with an organization that helps crowdfund for medical and financial expenses specifically for disabled people to try to help me during these trying times. I am trying so hard to make ends meet during this long process and not get discouraged. It's scary having no income and having to wait prolonged periods of time for a lifesaving decision!! #My link for my specific campaign to donate with personal story is:


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