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I can do this but #fostercat #BipolarDepression #5minutesplease

I foster cats and kittens for my local shelter, and majority of them have some sort of medical issues themselves. Might as well put my knowledge to use. I originally registered to be a hospice foster, but they are not too common so last year I did medical kittens. Well today I took my foster who has severe hyperthyroidism and just started treatment for her shots and dewormer. I'm going home on the bus and she gets sooo sooo sick that she was vomiting blood. Back to the humane society I go. Now it's a mile walk round trip and anywhere from a hour to hour and a half bus ride with transfers. I love these babies and will do anything for them. Even if I have to steal spoons from tomorrow. But right now I'm exhausted, frustrated because they only just told me today she has kidney disease, and ready to scream, because I feel overwhelmed and that's not normal for me with these babies. Tomorrow I will be fine, most likely I'll be fine after a meal and a rest, but right now, I feel like I can't do this.

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On the other side of fear

Caturday advice from my current foster, Ringo: sometimes the things that will benefit us most are on the other side of fear 😨
#othersideoffear #caturday #caturdayadvice #TakeChances #fostercat #fosterlove #scared #Fear