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Cat nap

There's just nothing like having a cat on your lap. The peace his purring provides me has no rival. #ILoveMyCat #Furbaby #catlove #catnap #kittehs #caturday

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On the other side of fear

Caturday advice from my current foster, Ringo: sometimes the things that will benefit us most are on the other side of fear 😨
#othersideoffear #caturday #caturdayadvice #TakeChances #fostercat #fosterlove #scared #Fear

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Happy Caturday!

This week's podcast episode was about eating mindfully.

Grab a healthy snack and listen to the newest episode

#caturday #happycaturday #Mindfuleating #eatingmindfully #Mindful #Mindfulness #beingpresent #mentalhealthpodcast

95. Eating mindfully by The Wellness Project with Des

Welcome to my podcast, The Wellness Project with Des. On today’s episode, I discuss our relationship with food and mindful eating. Join my mailing list and get your free printable 7-day Gratitude Journal: Join my Facebook community: If you liked this episode or have enjoyed any of my past episodes, please leave me a review on iTunes! I would really, really appreciate it! And make sure you share this episode and tag me on social media @the.wellness.project.with.des Eating-related episodes: Ep 17: Ep 20: Ep 51: Ep 65: Ep 85: Ep 94: