#SocialMedia is a way we communicate with one another. However, there are always the platforms when you speak your #mind that someone feels the need to degrade you. I have noticed over the years that if you express an #Emotion then people automatically feel like they have something to say about it.

Most of the time I noticed that people would be empathetic or even sympathetic, but then there are those who are neither. I encountered a lot of people who were #confused and did not understand what it meant to have #BipolarDisorder or #Depression . It always felt like a challenge to try to explain that my moods change. I was using #Facebook like a journal entry. It was not good.

Today I do not go on it. This is my #SocialMedia and this is my #Outlet to communicate with others. Not many people can relate to the #fracturedind the way this #Community does. For this all, I am very thankful! 💗