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    We want people to feel less alone.

    My friend and I host a Podcast called Creative Copes. It’s a labor of love- for ourselves, our own journeys and the compassion for others. We hope it becomes an aid for people in similar situation as us. We also have this idealistic approach of trying to end stigma and raise awareness about these conditions life has thrown at us by openly talking about them.
    We set out to share our personal stories and how we creatively cope; with humor and with sprinkles of scientific studies that we have looked up.

    We want YOU to feel less alone.
    Honestly, we all want to feel less alone on this windy road that’s is chronic illness.

    You can find us on Instagram @ creative.copes and on any listening platform just search up the name. Listen in, subscribe and message us. We would love some conversations with like-minded people.
    #Podcast #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Pain #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Agoraphobia #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #CopingTips #Endometriosis #MentalHealth #spinalinjury #OccipitalNeuralgia #Dysautonomia #ChronicVestibularMigraine #Migraine #Community #Disability #youarenotalone #Spoonie #SpoonieProblems #spoonielife #CheerMeOn

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    Mental Health Poem

    You will never know how it feels to be me
    Just breathing everyday feels like darkness is all I see
    I’ve never felt normal with those around me
    I just can’t help but to wish they would all accept me
    Why can’t you understand my mental illness controls me
    Stop saying I need to be happy like everyone should be
    I wish I was absent sometimes so I can stop explaining myself
    But leaving will make everyone think I gave up on life itself

    ❤️I love you and I’m proud of you❤️ #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ButYouDontLookSick #Depression #Community #normal #empty #Empathy

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    When Someone Else Informs You…of You.🤩 #Selfcare #Selfesteem #insecurity #conquerthemind

    I recently asked a former co-worker, and an experienced professional, to proof my resume. I am illiterate when using a professional vocabulary outlining my skills and abilities.

    When I opened the attached file and read the edited document, I literally shed tears. This person knew me. They saw me at work and witnessed my work ethic during good days and bad days. Therefore, when I read their word description of the talents I will bring to a company, their words literally made me rethink who I am…according to me.🫣

    Self talk can be rewarding or it can be absolutely debilitating! CPTSD self talk can be deadly, and in more ways than a physical death.

    My self-talk mimics words of destruction. This is because, during my formative years, my destruction was desired by an outside authority source. Thus, even now as an adult, love interpreted by my fractured mind is as valuable as seeking to purchase a home with the ten rolls of (fifty) pennies you have saved in your savings account. 😞! Meaning, it just does not add up to much. Basically, you may have money, but it is not a valuable sum, sadly.

    So, this entry serves as a reminder to myself, when healthy people know you and they define you as they see you, especially through a positive healthy lens, as the credit card ad says, the experience is, “PRICELESS”!!!❤️

    #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Fear #insecurity

    #Healthy #Friends #Community #Connectivity #security

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    I started an Anxiety Journey YouTube Channel. Would mean a lot to get a little support! I’m so nervous !

    Hi there I usually post quotes on a mental health friendly supportive Instagram account, occasionally I journal or blog very rarely on blogs I’ve tried before, but I’ve never ever been brave enough to show my face and actually try a YouTube account D: and not be more anonymous behind the screen supporting. I would really appreciate any love or opinions before I risk getting hate comments or trolls with mental health stigma haha > mental health advocate than 😅😂🤣 people actually see it. But I would love to be able to help someone out there not feel so alone in their struggles or offer hope if they are just beginning their journey or could use some kind words/ experiences

    If anyone could give me a bit of a boost 😂 so I don’t freak out or overthink the fact I actually did this and made it public and it could actually become something meaningful, I appreciate it! But if not :) I’ll do my best to do it myself, thanks! I tried to be brave and just do it instead of only think about it as a new hobby/ outlet.

    My YouTube channel is:

    My Anxiety Journey

    Or was thinking

    Inside My Anxiety Journey, since it’ll be pretty personal ^^ and genuine/ raw :p at times telling my experiences or what it’s like struggling with an invisible illness, physical/ mental.


    Appreciate any love
    I feel so nervous and embarassed. But actually proud I had the guts to do it D: though I was so back and forth about it.

    Hope I’ll stick to it whether I receive good feedback or not, to actually make a meaningful difference and get more courage to do other things like this with advocacy groups or opportunities.

    PS the 3 views are probably me 😅😂 overthinking and analyzing it too much but trying not too haha 😛 😆. I’m a work in progress lmfao 🤣 lol.

    A really big deal to me, because I’m perfectly fine being open about my experiences and trying to help or relate to others and support them too, but not used to putting it on the internet like that with my face D: and fear the stigma or openness about it it’s so risky hehe but worth it :) in a way. So I hope it’ll be the start of something new and good. Feel free to share if you have any blogs, YouTube accounts or any fun hobbies/ outlets too ! :)

    Also** I’m not posting to promote it, hope it’s allowed here, just needed a little love or support so I don’t back out on my idea 😅😅🥺😭😿💡💖😊😛😆😆😆 because I feel so alone in my experiences sometimes, and don’t want others to feel like that too.

    And be alone struggling.

    #Anxiety #Support #help #nervous # anxiousbuthappy #anyfeedback #Youtube #New #youtubeaccount #Vlog #Blog #Trying #MentalHealth #Love #Support #supportneeded #ThankYou ! #tryingtobebrave #TheMighty #Community #thanks #appreciateit #Depression #OCD #physicalhealth #MentalHealth #Hobby #Outlet #tryingtofacefears #Phobia #PublicSpeaking #post #Posting #courage #shy #tryingtobebrave #somethingnew #newaccount #youtubeaccount #youtubechannel

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    The Power of Words #Community #dialogue #Communication #Connection

    As I scroll amongst social media sites, I have realized something new in me. My excitement rises when words are shared as a response to any post. But I become like a competitive teen when emojis are communicated. I cannot believe my middle aged self counts and compares my emoji responses with others. Crazy!

    Therefore, since I am on medical leave, I have started appreciating the power of words. Don’t get me wrong, I am a true introvert. I love my alone time. But I have noticed my internal feelings, of joy, when crafted words are offered as opposed to the computer generated forms of communication.

    Hey, let me just say, I used emojis all the time as a active multitasker running and commuting around city streets! However, now, my state of mind has allowed me the privilege of realizing the power of words and his dialogue builds community.

    So, as I embrace this new platform, I will strive to rewire my now altered brain by really responding to this community of #TheMighty . Why? Because I enjoy the power of your words. And I prefer to be in constant dialogue with you, the community of #TheMighty !!!❤️


    Difficulty applying my skills right now?

    I might be doing fine, but it just feels terrible. My anxiety is through the roof. It's been at excruciating levels for over a week.

    I woke up around 5am, went to the bathroom, and then went back to bed. In the following hour, my dream included dark, icy ocean waters, which caused me to wake up in a panic. This is probably the most common representation of my trauma in the dreamspace.

    This past Saturday I attended Christmas at my mom's house. It was more pleasant than usual because I was able to bring 3 of my chosen family members for the first time. Everything felt more balanced.

    This winter I started a couple new projects that are very important to me and bring meaning into my life. I have had to make new connections with others in order to move these projects forward and I find this to be terrifying, despite having had only positive interactions thus far.

    Related to these projects, I made a mistake and communicated a falsehood to someone close to me. I have since corrected this mistake and apologized for neglecting to fact check the information before sharing it with them, but the guilt and shame I feel is overwhelming.

    Recently I completed a writing project where I describe the physical abuse of my childhood. Through this I gained an even more clear understanding of why the freeze/collapse/fawn/submit responses were the only ones I learned to access. It feels really helpful and productive to participate in activities that exercise my fight and flight responses, like sports and combat based video games. I also need more practice with negotiation, and general interpersonal conflict skills.

    These are the things bouncing in my head. If you feel led to share any advice or experiences, I know that this community has valuable insights. Regardless, thank you for reading. ❤

    #MentalHealth #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anthropophobia #PTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #ChildhoodAbuse #Christmas #Community

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    How in the world did I become a #Community leader? I don't even live anywhere near California. I'm in South Carolina.

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    Welcome to Table Talk With The Mighty!

    New based on The Mighty newsletters by Mighty Staff! From your inbox to your headphones, we bring you conversations about health that center a community of people who live it daily.
    Listen to the trailer and first episode here:

    We'll be continuing the conversation from The Mighty newsletters, so be sure to subscribe here:
    #MentalHealth #RareDisease #Migraine #ChronicIllness #tabletalkwiththemighty #TheMighty #Support #Community


    Navigating Nature, Community, and the Digital World as a Witch

    I have a lot of difficulty with integrative practices, by which I mean my brain can be quite rigid and compartmentalized due to trauma, and it's hard to mash two compartments together.

    One of the ways this presents for me as a practicing witch is my struggle to unite the natural aspects of the practice, which I find grounding and liberating, with the communal and Digital aspects, each of which I find independently triggering as well as inseparable in our modern world.

    I feel the call of the hermit. My broken BPD heart just wants to be alone in the forest listening to the animals and the wind in the trees. And I'm actually taking steps to make my real life closer to the this, but I also know I crave community. This is the part that is harder for me.

    Community is triggering. In my past, and particularly related to my religious trauma, community has represented a controlling force, mass enmeshment, and segregation from outside groups. The community I envision for myself is nothing like this, but I still find myself too afraid to engage much in any group of community members.

    Individual interactions are also triggering. While I find it easier to cope with one person than with a group, I live with attachment issues, have difficulty reading other people, and carry a lot of residual shame that keeps me from opening up effectively. It's hard for people to understand this, and even harder to get them to stick around long enough to learn how to get to know me.

    Which brings me to the Digital world, including here on The Mighty. Using screens and internet has left me feeling very ungrounded in the last couple years. I lose too much time, get distracted and unfocused, or see something triggering that could have been avoided. And then I end up thinking about all that lost time and energy I could have put into the "real world".

    Can anyone else relate to any of these struggles?

    Are there ways you have been able to integrate your spiritual practice into community and/or online efforts?

    Do you have any other coping skills or tools you've found useful in these areas?

    Thank you for reading. 🙏🌿🌙

    #Disability #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #CPTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #Spirituality #Nature #Community #MightyTogether

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    #Gratitude , Forgiveness, Turning Points & Transphobes

    📺 - #Gratitude , Forgiveness, Turning Points & Transphobes - #DwhellOnIt Ep. 60 -

    🗣 - "Hooray you! Hooray, cisnormative communities, cisnormative environments, cisnormative businesses, and cisnormative lawmakers, hooray that after millennia of #gender -diverse individuals existing in the world, you finally are starting to create a space where they do not get attacked as much."

    ❓ - What's #DwhellOnIt ?

    👀 - Dwhell On It is a series where I answer your questions about my lived #experience as a #trans woman!

    📺 - A new episode gets uploaded every week! -

    ‼️ - Get engaged!

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    ✉️ - #Comment w/ thoughts & questions!

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    * What are the most significant turning points of a #trans person's life?

    * How do you be #grateful for anything when all we face are hate and abuse and transphobia by everyone?

    * What is something that you would never forgive?

    * What are your religious and political views?

    * What is the most challenging thing to understand about transphobes?

    🔗 - Links!

    * When does your transition end? -

    * "You mention you don't regret the time lost. How do you do that? I'm starting HRT at 39, but I've been questioning my #gender for 15-20 years, and I'm constantly thinking about what would have happened if I'd figured it #Out or been braver early on." -

    * Let's Talk About #Sports Emm Bee! -

    * How Presentation Affects Representation -

    * #Transgender Awareness Week - "Progress takes time, but it should not end with us going back in time." -

    👀 - Create #change !

    📣 - End anti-2SLGBTQIA+ abuse! -

    📣 - You can #help ! Everything inspiring HireWheller stays ongoing - biased systems, ignorant platforms, violent abusers & isolated victims.

    📣 - Grassroots #power comes from its #people ! Get involved or refer others you know to challenge systemic violence & oppression!

    💻 - Connect!

    @HireWheller: A grassroots group to #help the 2SLGBTQIA+ #Community overcome often-minimized struggles.

    #Instagram :

    #Facebook :

    #Twitter :

    👱🏼‍♀️ - Look me up!

    @TaylorLakhryst: #Transgender woman, advocate, INFJ, ♊️, she/her/hers 🏳️‍⚧️


    📒 - Alt information

    * Text: Dwhell on it w/ Taylor Lakhryst Ep. 60 - Gratitude, Forgiveness, Turning Points & Transphobes - HIREWHELLER

    * Description: A blonde woman wearing a grey long-sleeved shirt is smiling & sitting on a black chair in front of a beige wall. There is turquoise text with a grey & black accent.

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    #LGBTQ #LGBT #Pride #equality