Writing to distract myself.

I knew i was going to be in trouble..but was hoping to get away with it...Nah of course not.

My Narcolepsy did its every few months flip to Cant sleep 2 nights ago & I got about 6 hrs combined of sleep this weeked.

I knew I was on thin ice. I took the rare stimulant today (sudafed..the behind the counter kind 'cause I cant process methylphenidate, provigil and its ilk due to CYP2D6 drug-gene metabolism defect nor caffine because of another one.)

I rarely take them for a boost because of crashing...which is more from the not sleeping i think.

Woke up rocking in pain plus ANS shakes.

Trying to decide if i need a rescue dose of Hydocortisone for my Adrenal Inufficieny which is life threatening (my pituitary can't get on the horn with my Adrenal glands -or any others for that matter except parathyroid who is always up for a chat but but really doesnt do much)....so my Adrenal gland doesnt get the SOS of

"HEY we are in trouble. There is a stressor in action (pain). Deploy the Cortisol"

So now I have to take on its function of deciding if my body needs some. I just took my daily 5 am 20mg dose, so i think i may be OK.

If anyone ever dies a salivary cortisol test and tells you you have Adrenal Fatigue go straight to an endocrinologist and get a low dose CRH test to make sure you dont have Adrenal Insufficiency instead. TG my Functional Medicine/CAM Dr was a smart cookie and not an egoist & did that. Tge test was so low my Endocrinologist said Your lucky you haven't died & I dont know how you havent been in tge ER for this yet (maybe I SOULD have gone in all those tome zi was pukinging and shaking and generally felt like I was dying but the thought of sitting for 4 hours in an ER waiting room in that state was too much.

Thankfully I gave a Do mot stop. Pass Go & collect $200 medical alert bracelet and a letter from my enocrinologist on the phone giving instructions for immediate IV hydrocortisone & saline.

As i just took my morning HC & 8mg of hydromorphone i think i am going to give it 15min. The pain & shakes are already starting to lessen.

TG for A dr that will prescribe hydomorphone instead of oxycodone (which my body cant turn into said hydomorphone because of CYP2D6)

TG for electic blankets
TG for this space of compassionate people who get it and provide the space to write.

TG for the SOS Waking in Pain meditation in Headspace app.
(SX have calmed enough I can focus on it now)

Thanks 4 the ear!

PS if you take multiple meds ot painmeds SNRI, SSRI,TCA, or Any Common Med
Check out

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