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Flying into the new year like…

What can I say but that I have two very impressive puppies that appear to hover rather than walk or run! Cuteness aside, I’ve been very lucky the past few days to have some increased energy since I switched from adrenal support to pregnenolone, which allowed me to make the most of the other half’s remaining days off work, so that I was able to rally and go walking with him and the dogs.

Nothing makes me happier than going for these walks, because for a moment in time, every other worry is suspended and I just get to be me—and it’s a glorious thing to just be.

#Dogs #ForTheLoveOfDogs #MightyPets #ChronicFatigue #AdrenalInsufficiency #AdrenalFatigue

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A New Reality in Mom Stress

The postpartum period after delivering a baby is a little over a year, yet we are told often we are supposed to ‘bouncing back’ to normal after 3 months.

The old ways of viewing postpartum causes stress to new moms, with 15% - 20% experiencing debilitating symptoms.

Postpartum stress syndrome is a step below postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety in terms of severity.

“While postpartum stress syndrome can create feelings of anxiety that are unsettling, these feelings do not impede her ability to function or get through the day,”

Yet, the rise of postpartum stress and depression is on the rise, especially since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

What is going on, and what can we do about it ?

First, we were doing too much before the pandemic, at least many were. Mothers and caregivers especially felt the stress post COVID 19 with working jobs and then managing childcare or school in the home.

Second, we are adding to the increasing challenges by maintaining the old ways of life and trying to ‘return to normal.” Except, our world isn’t like it was. Women are expected to work as though they don’t have kids, raise children as if they don’t work, and live in a way that resembles a child-free life.

Instead I ask you to honor where you are in your life, especially if you have younger kids under the age of 5. Cut yourself a lot of slack and know this reality isn’t forever.

If you want to “challenge” yourself, ask yourself how you can enjoy moments to yourself, manage your stress, and be present with what is. There are many techniques to help you in 10 minutes or less.

The more we all push back as moms and caretakers, the sooner we can all move towards a new way of being; one where we feel more balanced and not torn in multiple directions.

#postpartum #PostpartumAnxiety #newmom #AutoimmuneDisease #LymeDisease #Stress #Anxiety #PostpartumDepression #mom #MomGuilt #AdrenalFatigue #AddisonsDisease #Pregnancy


Recommendations for apps for symptom tracking? Recently diagnosed with Hypercortisolism #CPTSD #PTSD #Anxiety #AdrenalFatigue

Does anyone have recommendations for an iPhone app that tracks things like mental and physical symptoms? I have a few cooccurring medical issues going on, including a newly discovered hypercortisolism and before my appt with a specialist , was suggested I keep track of any and all related symptoms (fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, pain, etc)
Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations for symptom trackers?

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How much do I have to deal with?

#ChronicIllness #InterstitialCystitis

I have too many doctors to count and too many conditions to manage, it feels like. I have #InterstitialCystitis (have had for 30 years) and am tired of the pain and admit to not even worrying about diet restrictions. I deal with what I think is #AdrenalFatigue and just basically go to bed during a crash. I deal with upper back pain from too much computer usage, I’m sure. The latest diagnosis on my list is stasis dermatitis, a rash/discoloration of the lower legs. I’ve been told to wear compression stockings and use lotion/cream to help the itching, and also keep my legs elevated. I cannot elevate my legs when working on a computer, and we can’t afford to get a Laz-e-Boy for me.

I’m also a #Depression , #Anxiety , and #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder sufferer (I use therapy and meds). Plus I have an adult son with autism. While he can take care of his basic needs and hold down a simple job, I still have to arrange for his SSI (I’m constantly leaving messages with Social Security. I’m also his legal guardian so I can speak on his behalf.)

We’re also dealing with debt and there are political issues on which my husband and I disagree, and I’m not very good at debating people so I don’t get into it at times. And a lot of people have left my church over the last year. Church is our second family, and it is painful to see people leave.

It’s just plain too much at times. The only thing that really helps is that my husband’s job offers good insurance.


It a rocking un bed kinda night & trixy learning to be a Pituitary Gland

Writing to distract myself.

I knew i was going to be in trouble..but was hoping to get away with it...Nah of course not.

My Narcolepsy did its every few months flip to Cant sleep 2 nights ago & I got about 6 hrs combined of sleep this weeked.

I knew I was on thin ice. I took the rare stimulant today (sudafed..the behind the counter kind 'cause I cant process methylphenidate, provigil and its ilk due to CYP2D6 drug-gene metabolism defect nor caffine because of another one.)

I rarely take them for a boost because of crashing...which is more from the not sleeping i think.

Woke up rocking in pain plus ANS shakes.

Trying to decide if i need a rescue dose of Hydocortisone for my Adrenal Inufficieny which is life threatening (my pituitary can't get on the horn with my Adrenal glands -or any others for that matter except parathyroid who is always up for a chat but but really doesnt do much) my Adrenal gland doesnt get the SOS of

"HEY we are in trouble. There is a stressor in action (pain). Deploy the Cortisol"

So now I have to take on its function of deciding if my body needs some. I just took my daily 5 am 20mg dose, so i think i may be OK.

If anyone ever dies a salivary cortisol test and tells you you have Adrenal Fatigue go straight to an endocrinologist and get a low dose CRH test to make sure you dont have Adrenal Insufficiency instead. TG my Functional Medicine/CAM Dr was a smart cookie and not an egoist & did that. Tge test was so low my Endocrinologist said Your lucky you haven't died & I dont know how you havent been in tge ER for this yet (maybe I SOULD have gone in all those tome zi was pukinging and shaking and generally felt like I was dying but the thought of sitting for 4 hours in an ER waiting room in that state was too much.

Thankfully I gave a Do mot stop. Pass Go & collect $200 medical alert bracelet and a letter from my enocrinologist on the phone giving instructions for immediate IV hydrocortisone & saline.

As i just took my morning HC & 8mg of hydromorphone i think i am going to give it 15min. The pain & shakes are already starting to lessen.

TG for A dr that will prescribe hydomorphone instead of oxycodone (which my body cant turn into said hydomorphone because of CYP2D6)

TG for electic blankets
TG for this space of compassionate people who get it and provide the space to write.

TG for the SOS Waking in Pain meditation in Headspace app.
(SX have calmed enough I can focus on it now)

Thanks 4 the ear!

PS if you take multiple meds ot painmeds SNRI, SSRI,TCA, or Any Common Med
Check out

#DisabilityBenefits i can help U #genedrug


Tired and depressed #CheckInWithMe

I asked for support last week and need it again. my energy level is at the bottom (I just posted with #AdrenalFatigue as a hashtag) and when I feel rotten, everything looks bad. The people I worked for asked me if I could take a job over the weekend . .. I said NO. I cannot work seven days a week. I worked over the weekend last weekend and it drained me. Everything just looks bad and I am tired, and I feel powerless.


Don’t know if I have it or not . . . #AdrenalFatigue

I don’t know if I have adrenal fatigue or not, but my body just keeps crashing. It usually happens when I push myself too hard and then all I want to do is sleep. YES, I have been to doctors. I don’t have any idea who else to go to or what else to do because I am afraid of paying out money and just being poorer and sicker than I am now. I made an adrenal cocktail today with OJ, drank it, thought I would make another one later in the day, only to find out that my son drank the rest of the OJ.

My son’s 21 and has autism. We are dealing with debt. I also deal with depression and it gets worse when I don’t feel well. This is one of the days where I don’t think I’ll ever get well. Ever.

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just wanted to share this #AdrenalFatigue #POTS

this article explains that some people who are given the diagnosis 'adrenaline fatigue' (not adrenaline insufficiency that's a different thing, as it explains) really have undiagnosed POTS.
the correct diagnosis is key, as it does make a difference, and there are things that can help