Really missing Ava. For 12 years she learned, monitoring heart rate changes caused by severe anxiety and panic 24 hours daily. My live pillow who laying beside me on top of 7 covers managed night terrors and flash backs and the only living soul that I could make me feel safe living. Last 5 years ADA failed us. People invaded our personal space. They allowed their untrained pets to physically attack or try to 13 times. Ava beat them all out going from 0-30 miles immediately and chasing their danger away from me, pinning them, never barking or biting ever to make sure I could get to safety. Best 12 years of my life in perfect health and excellent management of all the MH bull. People killed her and got away with it. I've been nothing every since September 2020. Two attempts and no one asks me why. Still can't access broken healthcare drug dealers doctors. We were the perfect match and Ava took me from being homebound to freedom traveling and living our dream life adventures. I will forever miss her and look forward to joining her again. Why are humans so evil and this is normal. Couldn't change Ava, a real angel, but they did give her serious anxiety just like me. Now many people don't respect ADA or fully trained service animals. We're just to mean humans. Wish they had killed us both. Shameful reality only because of the color of my skin. Ava loved every person, never misbehaved or had accidents and followed every command. In fact she was smarter than most humans and never judged me. I would recommend to people seriously affected by severe symptoms of anxiety and insomnia related PTSD to get and train a service dog. All dumb dogs are ESAs if they tolerate their humans. Ava saved my life like all service dogs do. I will always remember that service dogs have thousands of years experience caring for humans. Shameful humans disrespected and destroyed, without shame such a precious soul. #getaservicedog and you will benefit greatly. Just beware of humans! Advocate for enforcement of the ADA law protection enforced across America. Got to go cause I got to cry about my precious lost. Pray for us!