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Feeling the heaviness of life. My daughter has been home from the hospital a little over a week; 9 days exactly. No Covid-19 but she had a respiratory illness and was in the brink of getting a pneumonia. Luckily we caught it early. She did not need the intensity of high-flow oxygen like she did twice last year in September and again in October. However she did need intrapulmonary percussive ventilation (IPV). As I said she came home last Monday but some of these same symptoms started again yesterday 😢. I’ve started back with the breathing treatment regimen her pulmonologist sent her home on (for two days). I’m really hoping my daughter doesn’t have to be admitted again but I just cannot shake this feeling and it’s overwhelming. #RestrictiveLungDisease #pulmonary #Breathing #CerebralPalsy #GrowingWithKerstin

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2020 - Enjoy the journey

So, what I attempted to post last night, only paraphrased this go ‘round.

I call my life as a single mom, raising my daughter, who has special needs a journey. Growing With Kerstin is our blog, Facebook page and Instagram. I write specifically about what we have going on at various points in our lives. Sometimes the journey is not always enjoyable. For the last three to four weeks of 2019 my daughter was in and out of the Special Care Unitn of the Children’s hospital in our state with significant respiratory illnesses and issues. It was not enjoyable.

We are just three days into 2020 and we are starting off in a very similar manner as the end of the year. I know the journey may be and feel extreme hard at times but the goal for this year is to not let the rough patches completely consume and overwhelm all other aspects of our lives. I will strive to make sure we make the most and “enjoy the journey”!

#Happynewyear #CerebralPalsy #Epilepsy #Breathing #Lungs #GrowingWithKerstin

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We made the cover!

I have some very exciting news to share with you, The Mighty Family, about me and my daughter. Kerstin and I are the cover story for Montgomery Parents magazine September issue which is also the Special Needs guide/issue.

Please look on - - > Montgomery Parents dot com. Click on the drop down menu and the digital issue is located underneath the list of locations where hard copies of the magazines can be found.

Please share it with your families you think it may be helpful to. I really hope we are able to inspire and encourage other families. #Inclusion #CerebralPalsy #Epilepsy #Representationmatters #GrowingWithKerstin