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4 years , 7 specialist and no one knows !?!

So to start off

I have depression since I was a kid and was diagnosed with BPD in 2019 after a failed attempt on my life , I ended up 1200 feet at the bottom of a canyon in my car with a broken neck and back !! I have long since fully recovered !!

So my Dr thinks I’ve been Covid “ vaccine “ injured !!
Not going through the hole Storie but I will tell you my symptoms … I have Vertigo , Tentunus - loud in both ears , very low energy and I have gone def !!! And it all started a week after the first shot !!!!

After 4 years and 7 different specialist , different meds and lots of tests , no one has any idea what is wrong with me !! 😟😢

My Dr says , the reason no one knows what wrong with me is because no one knew the side effects of the Vaccine when we were told to take it !!
I’ve been jabs 3 times with the same Vacc !!

This sucks so bad I’ve thought of taking my life many times to end this suffering !!
How will this ever be fixed if NO Dr or Specialest will listen to me when I talk about the Covid vaccine !?!?☹️☹️🇨🇦
Why are Dr’s so afraid to talk about this or help ?????

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I never asked for this Covid Vacc injury , over 4 years of this Bullshit !!!

OMG !! This has to be one of the worst days , more than usual I’ve had in some time !!! Can’t seem to wake up , can’t hear anything but the loud ringing in both ears and I’m off balance !! Like what the fuck !!!! I really want this to stop !! I feel so alone 😢🥹☹️

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Dark Design

I've made a few designs for T-shirts that I sell on a few sights. I started doing this when Covid hit and I started working from home and had less hours. The point is I guess is that I've been feeling so sad and low, just hopeless and feeling hatred for myself and everyone. I feel like I just don't care about anything anymore.

I designed a T-shirt that is simple but just very dark and I put it up on one of the sites that I'm sure no one I know goes to anymore. I chose not to publish it at the last minute but it is there and I can make it public whenever I want.

I've got something to do that has been a long time coming but I just need to put things in place before that time comes. I think it might be soon. Just not soon enough.


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Today I have a plan

Yesterday my caseworker called me to find out how I was doing since we had to cancel our session last week due to me being sick with con crud. She told me that there is an event going on at my facility that I go to for my mental health services. They're doing what's called a vax bash. They're doing vaccines for COVID and the flu and a few others. They're also serving lunch and I guess there's door prizes. It sounds like a fun event. She said she would try to get me transportation to go but I haven't heard back. I really hope I can go.

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When will they understand #exhaustion ?!

"If you would just exercise more, you wouldn't feel so tired". Are you freaking kidding me?! Remember when you had COVID and could barely walk to the bathroom and back to your bed without wanting to collapse into a puddle? THAT is how I feel after 2 minutes of exercise! Argh!!! #frustration #AutonomicDysfunction #HypermobilitySyndrome #cancersurvivor

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is hardworkingmama. I'm here because I am having trouble with not only dealing with my mental health but dealing with two boys with mental health problems. The boys are 12 and 11 years old and I had been taking it in all by myself til six years ago my SO came into our lives. The 11 year old accepts him as sad and will listen only 50% of the time for him. My 12 year old will not accept that he is not leaving and is gonna stick around. My SO and I haven't had the best relationship due to his inability to not have relations with other women. Or his violent outburst toward me and sometime the kids if he doesn't get his way. Our family now has seven people and i and exhausted from all of it. I stay at home with the kids and he works full time right now. He hasn't been able to hold a job for more then a year and then has a four month lapse until he feels motivated to work again. I am paying all the bills with the boys SSI and I am constantly broke cause bills come first. I am a survivor of sex trafficking and the boys were held away from me and in order to see them I was forced to sell my body in order to get to see them. I escaped and got us the help we needed mentally. Ever since I have struggled with my mental health and trying to regulate them has been especially hard for me. I find myself running from it all and am super sensitive when I hear loud noises. I can not get the children to listen and help around the house with the simplest chores. (Dishes, laundry, garbage, cooking, bathrooms toilets, everything is my responsibility. They feel it's my job to do it all and they just sit around and not help. When I ask for help they say that they don't have to and wont comply. I've just about had it and I don't want to have a mental breakdown. My SO doesn't want to work on the older Childrens issues because they are not his bio kids and he works and doesn't want to deal with it when he gets home. I can't even get him to help care for his two babies ages one and two. I am struggling har because I repeatedly told him that I didn't want anymore kids. I knew I couldn't mentally handle it with the boys behaviors. But Covid happened and one thing led to another and I became pregnant and then 6 weeks later New Year's Eve happened and I got drunk one time after Charles was born and then I found out I was pregnant again. So now I have five kids and none of them will help me cook clean or help the babies. I'm just exhausted and want to know that I'm jot the only one that feels like this. I feel like giving up and running away but my kids would suffer to much and hurt to much if I ever walked away. So I just deal with all the abuse and trauma and stuff my feeling deep deep down

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD

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