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Ironically no deep breathing is helping

I’ve been trying deep breathing for non-stop chest tightness the past 2 weeks severe anxiety that I haven’t felt for such a long period and bodily sensations before, but I got more panicky when I tried breathing techniques and nothing would help how it usually would, I think ironically at the moment just not doing it at all might be helping more. Instead of being frustrated and panicked feeling hopeless it’s not working. #Breathing #panic #hopeless #body #symptoms #shortnessofbreath #chesttightness #ChestPain #past2weeks

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Tips for shortness of breath/ noticing bodily symptoms less, fixated on breath.

I feel so dumb and stupid :( silly but I get this weird thing where I am constantly observing my breath and taking somewhat short breaths I breathe in deeply to try to regulate my breathing but it’s like I forget how to breath and it’s really ruining my days, I just want to go back to normal or be normal, I hate anxiety :( please help. 🙏 Anxiety is constantly being there and I want it to go away, I feel so alone and silly I can’t control this as well as I would like to or as I normally would, I also get this weird thing if I fixate on blinking it’s like I forget how to blink and instead of my body doing it automatically you become awkwardly aware of it and overdo it or under do it. I want to become less aware of these things and just let my body function normally, not ruminate or overthink and then feel too much. #Anxiety #hatethis #Silly #dumb #feelingdumb #pleasehelp #Annoying #shmptoms #body #Breathing #automatic #tooaware #Depression

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Any tips for when it’s hard to sleep? Anxiety at bedtime?

I’m usually lucky 🍀 and sleep 😴 quite well but after a cold an hyper focus on my breathing 😮‍💨from a stuffy nose thankfully I’m over my cold now. But I still have that body protective thing I was doing where I was so focused on my breathing it’s a silly dumb anxiety thing but it’s like you forget to breathe and instead of doing it automatically you are doing it short ish sometimes focusing on the breath is said to calm you down in meditations spiritually but for me it’s the opposite. Any tips for getting to sleep, I’m trying to listen to calming music and affirmations but it’s not working as well as it usually would. I’m like half resting but conscious and if I sleep deeply like REM sleep it’s very little. Please help :( I feel so dumb and annoyed at myself. Sometimes even during the day I have that thing too like checking with myself with my breathing 😮‍💨 and it’s becoming an annoying new habit I just want to function normally and stop the silliness which I didn’t have this annoying thing until recently. It’s like yes my body is trying to protect me in its own way with anxiety but I don’t need this. #Anxiety #Breathing #dumb #Silly #Anxiety #shame #barriers #struggles #advice #themighty #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Support #help #Listener #Selfcompassion #feelingdumb #feelingsilly #Selfacceptance #confused #bodysymptoms #sensations #Hyperfocus #Meditation #tired #Insomnia

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Healthy Breathing Techniques #TreatmentresistantDepression #TRD #Anxiety #Breathing

Do you incorporate breathing exercises into your day? Do they help you with anxiety or anger? #anger


I got complimented my on breathwork!

I had to have some bloodwork done, and I used my breathing practice during the procedure both to calm my anxiety and reduce the impact of my blood pressure condition. Afterwards the nurse told me he was very impressed with my breathing and how well I was able to stay calm and relaxed through the procedure! I am absolutely thrilled that my progress is that noticeable! Just wanted to share my excitement with the group. 😊🥳💗💪

#CPTSD #Anxiety #Breathing #breathwork #Meditation

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My Shift 😊 it's used for #Breathing when you feel #Anxiety . #calm #theshift

I was skeptical at first but so far it's been helpful & for some reason it's calming to wear it. It's easy to use you just breathe in through nose & slowly exhale to a count of 8 or 10 using the shift.

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i keep waking up with a scratchy or sore throat and idk what that’s abt. i have allergies and maybe that’s what it is, but it’s starting to freak me out. idk what’s going on w me, i’m still looking for a therapist. i think i may have sensorimotor ocd, pertaining to my breathing. i haven’t been able to stop thinking abt it for like seven whole months. it’s not an exaggeration. i’m miserable. i hâte this feeling, i hâte feeling like i’m gonna die everyday. it’s a terrible way to live, and what makes it even worse is that i wasn’t like this until abt seven months ago. i was diagnosed w panic disorder, and honestly i think my symptoms are more aligned w generalized anxiety disorder, being my pain and stuff is consistent w panic attacks. although they used to be p frequent, now it’s more like i’m anxious all the time, no peaks such as a panic attack, unless they’re tiny ones and i’m not thinking they’re panic attacks. idk, i’m just scared. i literalky have been doing nothing but watching tv. i don’t go outside anymore, i hate school, like i’m not even doing well (that’s frustrating bc school has always been easy for me). everything is just so stupid now, i want my life back and i feel like no one understands or is helping me. i hâte thinking abt my breathing so much that it literally feels i’m not breathing properly anymore. like tongue placement has changed, my awareness of it has led me to believe that my breathing is super loud and i can never be around anyone ever. like it’s so stupid, i feel so pathetic. i feel so alone and hopeless. i just want this to go away. #Anxiety #SensorimotorOCD #Pain #Breathing #hopelessness