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Working in healthcare with symptoms and cannot be tested

Up until recently being a cancer survivor has been something that has defined me and my perspective on life. The Coronavirus has changed all of that. I work in healthcare. I had/have verbatim symptoms and I cannot be tested because I have not traveled. It has been two weeks since I was at the peak of my symptoms and even now my lungs still don't feel quite right. I know my body and I know enough to listen to what it tells me. It is a conflicting feeling being a healthcare worker yet not supporting the healthcare system at this time. Coming to work feels like the scanxiety that I have yearly with my follow up scans. Part of me wants to be at work helping as many as I can. Part of me wants to hide in my bed and cry because I am scared and angry. How come I can make an appointment and have my labs drawn because I am feeling lethargic to rule out a magnitude of possibilities yet I cannot convince a single healthcare provider to take me seriously and test me How come the tests are available for the entire NBA yet I am walking around a hospital filled with possible points of contact with individuals who may or may not have the virus themselves I feel like the overall statement that I am being reminded of is "I am just not important enough to test". #scananiexty   #cancersurvivor #COVID19 #Healthcareprovidersdiscriminate

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Not everyone is interested in the European Standard of BS. #Bodymassindex #WeightLoss #Dietscams #Mindyourbusiness #Healthcareprovidersdiscriminate #Doctorsaredrugdealers #Stopfatshaming #Stopfatphobia #medicationsideeffects #weightgain

I find this fat shaming disgusting. 1). Many individuals have health conditions that contribute to their weight gain. 2). In Amerikkka the healthcare system focuses on pushing Western culture pharmaceuticals...which many side effects cause weight gain. 3). The Western culture BMI which was not created by any in the medical field, does not take medical conditions into account, does not take race & ethnicity into account or being an athlete. The focus is on WOMEN being crackhead skinny and with a flat ass. I would never in LIFE want to look like the European standard of superficial. This is another reason many people do not seek medical help because the healthcare profession will lie and push their own agendas. Just like religious’s all about control and greed. #HashimotosThyroiditis #Fibromyalgia #Thickandhealthy #Corporategreed