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Working in healthcare with symptoms and cannot be tested

Up until recently being a cancer survivor has been something that has defined me and my perspective on life. The Coronavirus has changed all of that. I work in healthcare. I had/have verbatim symptoms and I cannot be tested because I have not traveled. It has been two weeks since I was at the peak of my symptoms and even now my lungs still don't feel quite right. I know my body and I know enough to listen to what it tells me. It is a conflicting feeling being a healthcare worker yet not supporting the healthcare system at this time. Coming to work feels like the scanxiety that I have yearly with my follow up scans. Part of me wants to be at work helping as many as I can. Part of me wants to hide in my bed and cry because I am scared and angry. How come I can make an appointment and have my labs drawn because I am feeling lethargic to rule out a magnitude of possibilities yet I cannot convince a single healthcare provider to take me seriously and test me How come the tests are available for the entire NBA yet I am walking around a hospital filled with possible points of contact with individuals who may or may not have the virus themselves I feel like the overall statement that I am being reminded of is "I am just not important enough to test". #scananiexty   #cancersurvivor #COVID19 #Healthcareprovidersdiscriminate


fear holy crap #Biopsy #scananiexty

I've lived with a skin condition called hidradenitis supertivia since junior high. Had a scan scheduled for a site that has been cut and surgically repaired. Now my doctor thinks I have another abscess possibly. So getting my lab and scan all lined up..
it's Thursday