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I was diagnosed with a very high ANA of 380 6 months ago then it came back down to 1:80 ANA again, it keeps fluctuating and I have no solid diagnosis yet. They believe I have Lupus and many other Rheumological diseases. I know for sure I've been diagnosed with CRPS, CIDP, HIGH ANA, SEVERE MYOCLONIC JERKING, PARAPLEGIC, WHEELCHAIR BOUND FOR ALMOST 5 YEARS NOW, BELL'S PALSY, BLURRED RUN WELL VISION, WITH NO HEARING IN LEFT EAR & 50% + HEARING LOSS IN EIGHT EAR, SEVERE DYSPHAGIA, BONEY ENCROACHMENT THROUGHOUT MY BODY AND LEGS, FEET, SPINAL COLUMN, SEVERE MAJOR HEADACHES & MIGRAINES WITH EXTREME PRESSURE & POUNDING THROUGHOUT MY HEAD AND BUZZING, SWOOSHING, RINGING, TICKING THROUGHOUT MY BODY, SEVERE TREMORS AND JERKING, ALONG WITH SEIZURES, BREAST LUMPS WHICH I'M GETTING CHECKED AGAIN, GI ISSUES & SEVERE GERD, Really it's truly too much to describe here. Its been hard but I cope on a daily basis ETC...and many many more diagnosis. It has been a very hard ride but I'm on this trip to find out a true diagnosis and start getting some sort of life back as I do not have one right now. My Rheumotolist states she cannot diagnosis me until I see a major neuro science Cranal and spinal leakages throughout my spine, but it does not answer why I stopped walking and am declining at a rapid pace. Does anyone know anyone who might be dealing with something similar like this. I would give you all my diagnoses but they are too long of a list here. Please help if you have any information possibly. Thank you All so much!! You All are Amazing and I hope you all get some kind of relief as best as possible to what your able to receive. I'll be praying for you All!!