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Feeling like i’m in a hostile world right now and that i’m just disliked and people are never for me. Don’t know how to get out of this loophole that keeps me back in life and has done for over 30 years. antidepressants help but at what cost? are they numbing my feelings, giving me more serious side effects for the future, making my memory not so good. Would love to feel as though I fit in, am accepted and thought well of. #Want to live my best life #Life i’m meant to have..



Easter again my son doesn't care and roommate's family i Dont care. #Want to be by myself but still have that empty space. My mind starts going over and over all the thinhs ive done wrong and all the people i walked away from. I had to disconnect.

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Okay I'm not ok again

Feeling alone and S. again. I'm new and looking for women to talk with. I was in so much physical pain, I tried some cbd oil and that and not sleeping for 2 days is giving me s.feelings reallybad. I feel desperate to feel better
#SuicidalThoughts #help # Tired #Hope #Want to be better #


#vagus nerve stimulator and treatment resistive depression has anyone had a good response ? #Want my life back#

#vagus Nerve Stimulator Implant


So sick of the Quarantine #missing my Husband#Want freedom

My Husband is in a care home and for the past month been unable to visit him due to Corona. My Husband is my life and not being able to see him daily is making me depressed Angry lonely and feeling Hopeless. I have no friends or family where I am living. Tired of not being able to come and go as I please. My State is closed until May 1. Meantime trying not to do anything I will regret. #lost Without my Husband. #help! #Broken Heart


High ANA without a diagnosis / Possible Spinal Leaks

#highana , #Undiagnosed  ,  #highana , #Want  Answers

I was diagnosed with a very high ANA of 380 6 months ago then it came back down to 1:80 ANA again, it keeps fluctuating and I have no solid diagnosis yet. They believe I have Lupus and many other Rheumological diseases. I know for sure I've been diagnosed with CRPS, CIDP, HIGH ANA, SEVERE MYOCLONIC JERKING, PARAPLEGIC, WHEELCHAIR BOUND FOR ALMOST 5 YEARS NOW, BELL'S PALSY, BLURRED RUN WELL VISION, WITH NO HEARING IN LEFT EAR & 50% + HEARING LOSS IN EIGHT EAR, SEVERE DYSPHAGIA, BONEY ENCROACHMENT THROUGHOUT MY BODY AND LEGS, FEET, SPINAL COLUMN, SEVERE MAJOR HEADACHES & MIGRAINES WITH EXTREME PRESSURE & POUNDING THROUGHOUT MY HEAD AND BUZZING, SWOOSHING, RINGING, TICKING THROUGHOUT MY BODY, SEVERE TREMORS AND JERKING, ALONG WITH SEIZURES, BREAST LUMPS WHICH I'M GETTING CHECKED AGAIN, GI ISSUES & SEVERE GERD, Really it's truly too much to describe here. Its been hard but I cope on a daily basis ETC...and many many more diagnosis. It has been a very hard ride but I'm on this trip to find out a true diagnosis and start getting some sort of life back as I do not have one right now. My Rheumotolist states she cannot diagnosis me until I see a major neuro science Cranal and spinal leakages throughout my spine, but it does not answer why I stopped walking and am declining at a rapid pace. Does anyone know anyone who might be dealing with something similar like this. I would give you all my diagnoses but they are too long of a list here. Please help if you have any information possibly. Thank you All so much!! You All are Amazing and I hope you all get some kind of relief as best as possible to what your able to receive. I'll be praying for you All!!


Sometimes You Go.. #doingwhatsbestforme #puttingmefirst

I have to get away. I have to breath. I have to be heard. I can't sit here day in day out and feel depressed, abandoned and alone. If I am going to be alone I might as well go. I just can't be in the house with 2 other people and feel lonely. I could sleep when I wanted, I could eat when and what I wanted, I could write, I could sit in silence, I wouldn't have to consider some one else or they're feelings. I wouldn't have to pick up, or clean up behind some one else. I could make my own decisions. I could meditate I could read, I could get a dog, I could, I could, I want to, I need to. I want th is break I need it to focus on Me.... #ME #Want I need #what I want